Zoya – Mimi (Sparkle collection)

I could hardly wait for Zoya Sparkle collection to come out. Mimi, Charla and Ivanka were my favorites.

First polish I bought from this collection was Mimi. Gorgeous purple shade, that hides duochrome glitter suspended in jelly base. You can hardly ever see  iridescence on the nails. Most of the time lighter colored glitter on the dark base is all that you see.

Zoya - Mimi (Sparkle) swatch
Zoya – Mimi (Sparkle): shade; 2 layers, no top coat

I almost stopped breathing after I removed the polish and saw red nails.

How in the *self-censure* can I have red nails if I used purple polish?!?

I tried everything I could think of – pure acetone, vitamin C … my poor nails.

In the end I gently filled away the nail surface. Luckily for me, discoloration was only on the top on the nail.

I have no idea what went wrong. I didn’t hear about anybody else having similar problems. Maybe my base coat or nail polish remover reacted badly with Mimi? Not that I’m going to test any of my theories.

Because of this mishap, I’ve been without manicure for the past two days. I’m still deciding which polish will break the ice. :D

P.S. Thank you Mshel Mua and Polish AndPowder for all the suggestions and kind words on Facebook.

14 thoughts on “Zoya – Mimi (Sparkle collection)”

  1. I still have Mimi and Charla in my untrieds and I’m not sure what I’m waiting for… I’ve read a couple of times that this collection is a problem child when it comes to staining so I’ll double up on base coat but I think they’re worth the risque .
    Love Mimi on you!!

  2. Dobro da sem vidla ta post. Sem imela ta lakec na WL, ko sem to prebrala me je pa malo minilo. Meni se kaj takega drugače ni še nikoli zgodilo z nobenim lakom.

      • Žal nimam super nohtov :think: mogoče samo srečo pri izbiri lakcev :undecided: uporabljam pa en podlak iz DM s kalcijem (mislim da je Finger’s firma, je pa majhna flaška z modro vsebino, odstranjevalec imam pa od Essence s kokos vonjem).

  3. I am so pleased you got rid of the staining.  It is one of my nightmares!   I have Charla and I have heard it can give you ‘smurf’ fingers but only on the skin.  Staining on the nail is the worst!  I won’t be buying Mimi, that is for sure.  Still wanting Ivanka though, so will wait to see how people get on with that  :o)

    • I must admit that staining is one of my worst nightmares. That is why I always use two layers of base coat when applying green, red, blue, yellow shades. But I never had any problem with purple polishes. I guess I’ll have to add them to problematic list. :ermm:


  4. Kakšen lep lakec, ampak rdeči nohti?? :nervous:
    Mislim, da ta lakec ne bo pristal na moji wl, čeprav je krasen.  :unsure:
    Gejba, zdaj pa hitro nalakiraj nohtke, da jih zaščitiš, vsaj s podlakom…


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