Maestra’s stash photos – Essence

I decided to reorganize my stash. Until now my stash was organized by brands and I loved it that way. I was avoiding to organize my polishes by color, but I can’t avoid it any more as my stash is getting to big and I’m loosing the overview. So, as I was reorganizing everything I thought I would show you some photos of my stash. Here is the picture of my Essence part of the stash …

Stash photos: 14 Aug 2010 - Essence

25 thoughts on “Maestra’s stash photos – Essence”

  1. Great collection! I spy my two favourites – Zulu from Into the Wild collection is the best thing EVER to use under sheer polishes in order to hide VNL and Return to Paradise is pure love! Do you have a favourite Essence?

    • You are right. Zulu is fantastic nude shade. Huh, my favorites … I always have hard time to pick my favorites. It depends on my mood and everything… At the moments I’d pick … Probably the Meet You in Budapest and Pool Party.


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