MNY 145 swatch

MNY 145 is one of the three MNY polishes a friend brought me from Germany.

They combined gold flakies and purple shimmer in transparent pink base. I used three layers … and got french manicure of a sort.  :D

MNY 145 swatch
MNY 145: shade

Because it’s quite transparent, I hoped it would look good layered over darker shades. But I didn’t like the effect … at least not over black Flormar 313.

layering MNY 145 over black
Flormar 313 + MNY 145: sun
layering MNY 145 over black
Flormar 313 + MNY 145: lightbox

I guess what bothers me the most is the color of the flakies combined with purple shimmer which black base accentuates to the maximum limit.

Polish was bought in German DM. Price for 7ml is 1,95 EUR.

This post is also available in SLOVENŠČINA.

7 thoughts on “MNY 145 swatch”

  1. The base should have been less colored I guess. I gives a weird look to the dark color, it’s kind of pity  :ermm:


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