While I was checking if the new Essence stuff was already available in our local drugstore, something caught my eyes. There was a beautiful Colour&Go polish, which was dark blue with a hint of grey and with gorgeous tiny blue flakies on the shelf. I grabbed it to check the name of it … Underwater. I was like: “What? Doesn’t that sound familiar?” I bought it and then checked at home, if my suspicions were correct. Yes. As it turns out, I already have Essence Colour&Go polish with the same name, just … well the content isn’t the same. Here’s the proof …

Essence - Colour & Go: Underwater - new vs. old

Swatch: Essence - Colour & Go: Underwater - new vs. old
Essence – Colour & Go: Underwater – new vs. old (2 coats each)
Swatch: Essence - Colour & Go: Underwater - new vs. old
Essence – Colour & Go: Underwater – new vs. old (2 coats each)

The polishes are completely different. I guess, you have to be actually blind to not see the difference, right? Either Essence didn’t bother to think of another name of the new beauty or there went something wrong in the factory. It’s definitely confusing to have completely different polishes with the same name and code, but it did happen before. So that’s nothing new. And as long as the new shades are way better than the older ones, I really don’t care. The new Underwater is definitely gorgeous. The color is very nice and the tiny blue flakies are gorgeous. Unfortunately on the nails they aren’t very prominent. The application and pigmentation is good. While on the other side the old one … well, nothing special. At least for me.

What do you think? Which one do you like better?


  1. I noticed the same thing! I had to go back home to check if I wasn’t going mad or something… I do prefer the new colour. It’s odd they named them Underwater 24

  2. Ja, to sem tudi jaz ugotavljala že nekaj časa nazaj, ko sem svojega “novega” dobila na Hrvaškem.
    K sreči je prišla ta super “napaka” tudi k nam, juhu! :happy:

  3. New version is definitely better.  I also have some Essence polishes with the same name but that are different – I thought it was just a labelling mistake but maybe not…. maybe it’s policy!


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