Review and swatches: OPI Swiss mini set

OPI Swiss mini set consist of three color polishes and top coat.

Yodel Me On My Cell is simply gorgeous green-blue shade filled with loads of green shimmer and blue micro glitter. This shade is a true chameleon. Depending of the intensity and color of lighting it goes from green with a hint of blue to the blue with just a splash of green.

And of course it was a nightmare to take photo of. :D

OPI Swiss - Yodel Me On My Cell swatch by Parokeets
OPI Swiss – Yodel Me On My Cell (2 coats + top coat)

Color So Hot It Berns is classical creme red shade. I can not decide if this is red or cool red. I guess it depends of the type of lighting you have – it can be slightly warmer or cooler shade of red.

OPI Swiss - Color So Hot It Berns swatch by Parokeets
OPI Swiss – Color So Hot It Berns (2 coats + top coat)

Maestra swatched the last color polish.

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous is a fantastic mix of gray and black. I love the fact that gray dominates. It’s slightly sheer and it has a foil finish. I had no problems with removing it. But I have to say that I find the name too complicated.

OPI Swiss - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous swatch by Parokeets
OPI Swiss – Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (3 coats)

All I can tell you about RapiDry top coat is that is seems to dry manicure pretty fast. 3.75 ml of top coat is simply to little amount to test is more thoroughly.
We received the set of mini polishes from Slovenian on-line store called Za Piko Na I, where you can buy all the shades in OPI Swiss collection.

Which shade do you like the best from this collection? Do you already own any?

11 thoughts on “Review and swatches: OPI Swiss mini set”

  1. I got Diva of Geneva and I love it! I’ll just stick to this one from the Swiss collection I think. Will you be buying any full sized ones?  The red looks hot on you!
    The RapiDry does NOT work for me at all though. It’s too thin and it picks up polish unless the polish is practically dry…which kind of defeats the purpose of a quick dry top coat. And I guess I’m spoiled by Seche Vite because I don’t find the OPI shiny enough. I hope you have better luck with it!

  2. Jaz sem se zagrebla za Color So hot it Berns, zdaj ko sem videla tvoj swatch me pa mika še Yodel Me On My Cell :ccc: . Srebrn pa ni po mojem okusu.
    Lahko mogoče podaš primerjavo med G2G in RapiDry?

    • Težava je v temu, ker ne morem dobiti zadostno količino nadlaka na tini mini čopiček. Posledice so zabarvanje čopiča, raze v laku … Sem se prav namatrala, da sem ga kolikor toliko normalno nanesla že pri teh dveh swatchih. :hmm:

      Lahko ti povem, da se mi zdi, da poleg hitrega sušenja ne “krči” toliko laka in v dveh dneh kolikor sem imela manikuro na nohtih, je bil tip wear minimalen. Ampak to je samo prvi vtis.

      Yodel Me On My Cell bo pri meni zelo verjetno pristal v “netakoicimini” izvedbi. :whistle:


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