Mushrooms from the hidden corners

By Mamy

When fall comes, I tend to spend a lot of time in the nature. Last week we went looking for mushrooms … and hit a jackpot.



Where did we find them? Here.

Nope, true mushroom “hunters” will never tell you where best ones grow.


We even found chanterelle. We bought a lot of those during our stay in Finland. They call them – kantarellies (I’m not sure I spelled the name correctly).

And we didn’t find just mushrooms – blueberry’s were in abundance too.

I made blueberry marmalade, blueberry vine, soaked them in brandy … And blueberry strudel is a must of course.


No, I didn’t forget about polishes. But unfortunately my nails are the reflection of my work in kitchen/forest. 

Most of the time I reach for holographic shades. My todays pick is China Glaze – L8R G8R, light green holo.

China_Glaze_L8R G8R
China Glaze: L8R G8R

Till the next adventure.

9 thoughts on “Mushrooms from the hidden corners”

  1. That’s a good harvest you have there! we did the same thing the last few weeks, and now the entire freezer is full of mushrooms :yes: , delish! And we also keep our place a secret, there are many polish and russian people here who might steel our mushrooms, LOL!x


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