Žabica, this one’s for you!

This post is loooong overdue. A long long time ago Žabica surprised all the Parokeets ladies with Essence image plates. And because we all got the same plate, we thought it would be funny if each of us did a konadicure with that plate and we’ll dedicate our konadicures to the lovely Žabica.

Thank you, Žabica!

Here are the konadicures we did especially for you.

Konadicure: Catrice - Back To Black, China Glaze - Millennium, SciFi, Essence IP02
Gejba\’s konadicure
Konadicure: H&M - Goddes On Stage, Essence IP, China Glaze - OMG, LOL
Goga\’s konadicure
KOnadicure: Orly: Mint Mojito, Magnetic: Shimmering Bronze, H&M: Mad About You, Essence IP
Mamy\’s konadicure
European Tree Frog
Mamy\’s frog ;)
Konadicure: Kiko - 294; Essence IP, laki Stargazer - 233, ChG - Sci-Fi, Konad special polish - Pastel Blue in Blue Pearl
Maestra\’s konadicure

I have to thank Žabica for the lovely Kiko polish (used in the above konadicure) she gave me. It’s a great polish. Thank you!

I’d like to add a few things about Žabica. She is a special person for me. She is a really honest person. She is a person I can count on. If she says she would do something, she’ll actually do it. She is a true friend of mine. And she a smart girl too. She is a mathematician and has her own company. Yeh, this girl is awesome!

Sweety, you’re the best!

9 thoughts on “Žabica, this one’s for you!”

  1. Same plate on each manicure looking so beautiful with different polishes.  Love the matte polish.  I have to give the edge to Gejba.  Something so classy about the black and silver. :cute:

  2. Kot vasa zvesta bralka tudi med dopustom pokukam, ce je kej novega pri vas. In danes sem bila prijetno presenecena :wub: :wub:
    Ostala sem brez besed :blush: Maestra U are the best! Miss U :)
    Super konadikure! (kot vedno)
    Pozdravcek iz Stuttgarta.


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