Comparison: Nfu-Oh 125 vs. Nubar Wildlife

By Mamy

How alike are they? Both have olive green base. The closest green I can think of is moss green. They’re both true chameleons that need sun to shine in all their beauty.

Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife
Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife
Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife
Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife, sun
Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife
Nfu-Oh #125, Nubar Wildlife, lightbox

Nfu-Oh #125 is olive green … until you see it in the sun. It belongs in the Chameleon collection. They added gold shimmer to the moss green base. Because of the shimmer, polish looks more yellowish-green in the sunshine. For full opacity you’ll need 3 layers.

Nfu-Oh #125

You can find whole rainbow of colors in  Nubar – Wildlife. In olive green base, you’ll find the color of new copper, pink, orange shades … Gorgeous duochrome shade and maybe even a little bit holo? Three layers.

Nubar - Wildlife

Nubar goes better with my skin-tone while I recommend Nfu-Oh #125 to those with more olive toned skin.

And since we’re already discussing olives – olive tree and it’s fruit.


Oljka, Oliva

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  1. :love: I love that whole collection of Nubar.  This is such a beautiful shade of green.  The colors that show up in the sunlight or indoor light are amazing.  I don’t own the Nfu-Oh’s.  I really need to order a whole bunch of them!


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