Essence Choose me! beauty is dupe for Zoya Charla and OPI Catch Me In Your Net (=CMIYN) polishes.

Comparison: Essence Choose Me! vs. Zoya Charla vs. OPI Catch Me In Your Net swatch
OPI CMIYN, Essence Choose Me!, Zoya Charla: 3 layers

Photo is kind of funny, but unfortunately that is the only one I have where colors look very like those in real life … at least on me.

If I take a formula into consideration Choose Me! is more like CMIYN than Charla. Like OPI, it needs 3 layers to cover up nail line, while Charla achieves the same effect with only 2 layers.

Zoya is just a little bit more blue than other two polishes. Reason for that lies in more opaque base … which is blue.

I prefer CMIYN and Choose Me brush over Charla’s.

Price: Essence is the winner. You have to take into consideration that you only get 5ml polish. But I think it would be still cheaper in you calculated price for 1 ml of each polish … at least in Europe.

As soon as this shade hits our stores I’ll buy couple for backups and few for presents. :D

And one rose for Maestra who let me borrow her Charla for comparison.

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. @geiba0- yeh!!  shouting out loud.. more dupes essence… :haha: i hope u will have a dupe of the high end brand and mostly the space cadet dupe..LOL :devil:

    • I know your comment was old and I hope you receive this, but Hard Candy “Beetle” is a dupe for Space Cadet.

  2. :roll: Crazy that there are so many dupes of different polishes  this year.  Guess it does make it easier for everyone to get them.  I want to be the whole collection from Zoya.  This is a beauty.

  3. So this means there are 4 company’s that did this color?
    Orly, Zoya, OPI,  Essence…..Crazy! Well that means :happy: more opportunity for people to get it :) :bow:

  4. Komaj sem čakala na primerjavo Zoye Charle in Choose  me, ker sta se mi res zdela podobna :happy: , vidim da sem imela prav :silly:
    Komaj čakam da ga dobim v roke :nails:

  5. Cool!! Definitely no need to get all three then.
    I get more love from OPI though. Essence distributor here does not update their stocks. :(

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