Essence: new products – polishes (fall 2010)

Fall has come and with it time for another Essence product change. Some of the products are no longer available and lots of new ones will soon hit the shelves.

We received few of the new products to test from our Essence distributor.

Photos of all the products we got are edited and joined in Youtube video (it’s available in HD quality). Since We Saw It First LE was preview of product change, we added those polishes to the video.

We prepared swatches and reviews for most of the products and will show them to you throughout this week. This was really a huge project.

I’m sure you already guessed what will be today’s topic – polishes of course. :D

Essence: new polishes (fall 2010)

Let’s begin with Maestra and the polishes she reviewed.

Most Wanted is easy to apply, but I noticed a little bit of bubbling. After the polish drys, the color becomes darker than that seen in the bottle. Polish has very shiny finish.

Essence (Multi Dimension XXXL Shine) - Most Wanted swatch
Essence Most Wanted (2 layers)

Nail art with one of the Essence plates and new Stamp me! black polish. Image transfer was very good and Essence Nail Art sealing top coat didn’t smudge it at all. I decorated the image with new stickers.

Essence: Most Wanted + Stampy IP with Nail Art Stampy Polish Stamp Me! Black + stickers Sweet Romance

Mamy tried out Just Shout! and Just Rock It! polishes.

Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Shine – Just Shout! is somewhere between orange and coral color and has creme finish. I used two coats. It’s not very “in your eye” kind of shade. Application was OK. After the polish was slightly dry I used Essence Express Dry Drops, and they actually managed to dry manicure pretty fast.

Essence Multi Dimension XXXL Shine - Just Shout! swatch

Essence Colour&Go – Just Rock It! is dark blue “ink” polish, with very good pigmentation. And I only needed one layers.    Finish is creme.

This is kind of polish that Maestra would put in to the category – use when in a hurry. :D

Again I used Essence Express Dry Drops and they had similar results as before – they quickly dried the manicure.

Essence Colour Go - Just Rock It! swatch

Gejba took on French manicure set, white stampy polish and Choose Me! shade.

I started with Essence French Manicure set. It’s suppose to have better top coat than previous version, but since I don’t have the old version I can’t tell you how similar/different are they.

I used tip guides that come with the set and found them to be very useful. I had no problems with making a nice line, but thickness of it is another story. It shows I’m not into the French manicure so the tips are way to thick.

I used three layers of provided top coat so you can see the color of the top coat. I find the combination I made to sterile/white. Since milky top coat is not too streaky, you can use one or two top coats for nicer result.

Essence French Manicure Set (new version)

And since I was already in “French mani neighborhood”  I made another one . This time with Essence Bongo Drums + Stamp Me! White + IP P32. The curve is intentional.  :D

Essence: Bongo Drums + Stamp Me White! + IP P32 (french)

My undisputed hero of the bunch is Essence odtenkov je Color&Go Choose Me!

Blue green beauty doesn’t need extra words. Comparison between OPI Catch Me In You Net and Zoyo Charla coming up in one of the following posts.

Essence Choose Me! swatch
Essence Choose Me! (3 layers)
Essence Choose Me! by Parokeets
Essence Choose Me! (3 layers)


Essence Choose Me! detail

You can see swatches of: Matte top coat (and it’s comparison with Essie Matte About You), Movie Star, Lime Up! and Absolutely Stylish in We Saw It First post.

That is all for today.

Do you already have your favorite among new Essence products? Will you share whit us which one is it?

30 thoughts on “Essence: new products – polishes (fall 2010)”

  1. Hi! I love your swatches, and I was just wondering if when you do these videos, you paint your nails all in the same day? And also, how often do you change your polish? I know this is an older post, but I just recently fell in love with Essence polishes! Haha, thanks!

    • It really depends – if there are 3 polishes to swatch, I’ll probably do swatches the same day. More than that and it takes at least couple of days … sometimes a week or more.

      If I have time I change polish every day or two. :nails:

  2. Upravo sam danas kupila essence Choose Me! Prekrasan lak! Nisam imala namjeru al jbg, morala sam :D :wub:

  3. The brown one, which you called “Most Wanted”…..isn’t it the “Spice”-one?? ^^ We don’t have the new Products yet, but I read a lot about it and it’s always “Spice”……or is it just similar!??!
    I just read “Comparison: Essence – Underwater new vs. old version” and in this case……….I have an Essence Nailpolish which also is called “Most Wanted” and it’s pink ^^
    Sooo……Essence doesn’t care about the names anymore?? I mean two blue shades…..ok, but a brown and a pink shade isn’t similar ;)

    • Essence started to re-use the names … and with totally different shades. :hmm:

      There are two different Spicy polishes (an old story), Sparkling Romance lipsticks …

      I think we’ll see a lot of doubles when all the new products become available. So if you have favorite shade among current colors, I recommend you make a stock. :silly:

  4. Ooo, že sem mislila, da bom spet lahko mirne duše šla mimo stojalca od Essence, potem pa sem prispela do zadnjega lakca. Choose me, I choose you! :wink:   Komaj čakam primerjave, ker me res spominja na Zoyino Charlo. Sicer pa me morda zamika še Just rock it, lepa modra je.  Super swatchi! :)

  5. I’d love to see comparisons. Especially some dark blue colours (p.e. essence denim wanted “my boyfriend’s jeans”) with “just rock it”. Or some taupe colours with “most wanted” (p.e. essence into the wild “desert fox”) and some corals with “just shout!”.

    I myself bought today essence multi dimension “midnight rocker” – a wonderful dark-blue-blackish colour. I also saw the other new polishes and liked “purple cherry” (dark lilac) and “trendsetter” (green-tealish) too, but I think I have some similar colours in my stash. There’s also another taupe tone in the colour & go range called “walk of fame”.

    I also bought the express dry drops, I’m curious to try them.

  6. Barvno definitivno Just Rock It, vendar imam slabe izkušnje z color&go laki tako da ga ne bom kupila. Francoske manikure meni drugače niso všeč vendar pa ta z vzorčkom sploh ne izgleda švoh (vendar pa jaz nisem tako spretna da bi se kaj takega lotila).

  7. :yes:
    I like the new brown polish, although I bought almost the same brown from the Creamilicious LE last year or so. Also the blue and the green glitter polish are pretty.

  8. Jaz hocm… :P Chose me! :< Zalogo teh lakcev, 3 4…
    Ker Zoya je zelo low maintenance lakec, das gor, se posusi v par minutkah in gres. Upam da je Essence isti.

  9. Oduševljena sam svim lakovima, posebno sa Choose Me! :wub: ! Jedina zamjerka ide Just Rock it!, nikako da ga lijepo namažem, kao da je gumast :undecided: Dovoljan mi je jedan sloj, ali ne izgleda onako uredno kako bih htjela pa sam odustala :cry:


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