I wasn’t really sure if I should write this post or not. Photos are not that good and colors are not very realistic. But since I was impressed by this polish I finally had to write everything down.

Meet OPI – Catch Me In Your Net.

As you know, I’m not OPI fan. I find their brushes to be too big and they usually start to chip really fast on my nails.

This time I was impressed with the brush, formula and staying power.

Glass flecked glitter in green and golden green colors + bluish shimmer all put into the blue base.

OPI - Catch Me In Your Net swatch detail by Parokeets
OPI – Catch Me In Your Net: detail

The polish is mostly blue-green on me. It looks like Maestra’s Ivanka that crashed into the blue polish.

First day – two coats + top coat. Three coats on ring finger.

OPI - Catch Me In Your Net swatch by Parokeets
OPI – Catch Me In Your Net: shade

Fourth day. I added one more layers of OPI CMIYN to refresh manicure and to soften tip wear-a. Photo was taken later that day.

OPI - Catch Me In Your Net swatch
OPI – Catch Me In Your Net: lightbox

On the fifth day I added one layer of OPI CMIYN and one layer of Essie Matte About You.

OPI - Catch Me In Your Net + Essie Matte About You
OPI – Catch Me In Your Net + Essie Matte About You: lightbox

I have no clue whatsoever how many layers does that amount to. :D

I chose OPI Catch Me In Your Net because little “accident” with Zoya Mimi is still fresh in my mind, but I really wanted to have Zoya Charla polish. So I picked up OPI CMIYN instead. My reasoning was – if it’s less opaque, maybe it ‘ll stain my nails less. :D

Today I finally removed the manicure. Two of the nails were stained a little bit, but no major damage was done. I used two coats of base polish.

Good thing I bought big bottle since I need at least 4 layers for full coverage. But for this shade, I can live with this minor detail.


  1. Uu, lep! :) Glede zabarvanja pa sem še vedno v šoku, ker mi je  Bella’s Choice nohte obarval  turkizno, ja, TURKIZNO.  :cry:

  2. oh koja prekrasna boja, doduse ne znam koliko bi mi s dalo nanosit toliko slojeva laka :drop: ne bi ja docekala da se to sve osusi a da ne unistim neki u medjuvremenu


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