I got my Barry M crackle polish on Wednesday and I’ve been playing with it ever since. One of the combinations I’ve tried is my today’s manicure. It’s two coats of OPI – Glow Up Already from the Burlesque collection, which is a wonderful sparkly light green glitter polish. I topped it with one medium thick coat of Barry M – Instant Nail Effects, which is a black crackle polish. I love the end effect. There’s not top coat in the photo below.

Swatch: OPI Burlesque - Glow Up Already!+ Barry M - Instant Nail Effects - 311
OPI – Glow Up Already!+ Barry M – Instant Nail Effects – 311

I think that the crackle polishes look best on top of glittery polishes. What do you think?

I got the Glow Up Already! polish from Za piko na i store where they sell the whole Burlesque collection. I got the Barry M crackle polish for review from the Licila.si.


  1. Great combanation! I haven’t tried a glitter under a crakle polish. I was wondering where do you get your Barry M plishes. The crakle polish I have is from Transdesign.com and I want to compare them. Im guessing the Barry M is a better quality. Just need to know where to buy it in the US?

  2. I have that barry m polish too, it’s great, but i haven’t tried it with glitter polish yet but it looks really cute with it! I’m gonna have to try that! : )

  3. Zanimiva kombinacija, ne bi se je spomnila! Mi je všeč, ker znormalizira za moj okus prekomerno bleščičavost OPIja. :) S cracle lakom pa imam najraje kombinacijo z rdeče-črno, ker je to moja najljubša barvna kombinacija, ali pa s kakšnimi čistimi nasprotji, da se res razloči spodnji lak.


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