p2 Gorgeous

Without the doubt, p2 Gorgeous! is the winner of yesterdays contest. :D

Gorgeous is really gorgeous violet polish, that applies beautifully. It has little bit thicker formula, so you can get away with only one layer … if you use a little bit more polish. As with other p2 polishes, brush is very easy to guide.

I used 2 layers + top coat.

p2 Gorgeous swatch by Parokeets

Cast varies from cooler to warmer violet color. It really depends from the type of light that is shining on it.

13 thoughts on “p2 Gorgeous”

  1. This nail polish is amazing! I almost mistaken it for a suede finish!  But… it’s like a violet jelly base with matte shimmer…… What a confusing yet addicting nail polish! I love it!!!! :pic:


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