Review and swatches: Alverde Zauberwald LE

Zauberwald (= Magic Forest) is a limited edition made by Alverde. It’s a very nice collection. The colors are all nice and earthy. There are a lot of items in the collection, ranging from eyeshadows, blushes, lip glosses, eyeliners, mascaras to lip colours. I bought my stuff a while ago in Austria.

Alverde Zauberwald LE

The swatches.

Swatch: Alverde Zauberwald LE

I really love the eyeshadow Magic Spirit and the blush Magic Rose. They are both nice and well pigmented. I don’t really like the lip colour Magic Strawberry. The colour doesn’t suit me and the feeling on the lips is a bit drying. The eyeliner Magic Forest is OK. It’s a very nice shade, but it could have been a bit softer.

The only thing I forgot to swatch is the lipgloss, which is nice and sheer. It has a peppermint taste or smell, but it’s not to strong for my taste.

These were my short thoughts about the Zauberwald collection. What do you think about the collection or the products I reviewed in this post?

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5 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Alverde Zauberwald LE”

  1. Nimam še ničesar, imam pa v načrtu kupiti kakšno malenkost, kolikor sem videla swatche, je nekaj izbire. Kaj, se bom pa verjetno odločila na licu mesta, vsega ne bom mogla, tako da se bo treba naknadno odločiti. :)

  2. I love this collection, I bought a lot of things (3 eyeshadows, both blushes, all eyeliners, 2 lipsticks and the mascara). :)


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