A while ago Lucy brought me really cute BeYu and p2 polishes from Germany.

I wanted to swatch one of them, but I just could not decide which one should I pick. So I’ll leave the decision in you capable hands.

Which shade do you prefer?

p2 Gorgeous, Chic, Gigantic by Parokeets
From L to R: p2 Gorgeous!, Chic, Gigantic
BeYu nail lacquer: 344, 314, 118, 139 by Parokeets
From L to R: BeYu 344, 314, 118, 139

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. BeYu 118, izgleda čudovita rdeča. Kaj hočem, malce sem že ven iz vijoličnega obdobja. :wink:  Morda primerjava z Limited Addiction, če bo priložnost? :rose:

  2. Včeraj sem imela to čast, da sem sprobala Gorgeous! :party:

    Res je lep. Gejba, tudi jaz navijam za en post samo o njemu :yes:

  3. P2 polishes always look so WOW-WOW-WOW! to me… I whish I could find them here in Italy :(
    Is gorgeous a holographic one?

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