Essence - Black and White TE
Essence – Black and White TE

The black eyeshadow called Black Out is a very nice black eyeshadow. It’s very pigmented and easy to work with. I’m happy I bought it.

The false eyelashes looked funny, so I bought them too. I’m curious how these are going to look on me.

I used the black eyeshadow to create a wearable smokey eyes look in black and silver.

Black and Silver make up by Maestra
Black and Silver make up by Maestra

I only used two eyeshadows for this look. The silver one is a Make Up Factory eyeshadow.

I know a lot of people like the black and white combination. For me it’s too much contrast and I rarely wear black and white together. I just don’t like the combination. Actually I think it’s boring.

What about you? What do you think about the black and white combination?

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  1. I bought the black and white polishes and the white eyeshadow. I didnt like the black one because I have several other black eyeshadows which are a lot darker. (Sleek I divine Chaos Palette) The white eyeshadow is okay. I am still looking for a good white one.

  2. I’d love to have white nail polish from that collection! :shock: But it’s not going to be available in my country. I know – here we still have Fairytale collection and the last collection that was available before Fairytale one was We Saw It First… :( Some of you girls have it? Are you willing to sell it? :ermm:

  3. lep mujo!
    meni je belo-.črna kombinacija tut živ dolgčas…na splošno na sebi ne maram preveč ne ene ne druge…

  4. Črno bele kombinacije ne nosim, ker ne nosim bele. Imam le en bel bolero, ampak to je bilo za krizne situacije z lasiščem kupljeno in je sicer v omari, če ravno ni snežnih zametov z moje glave. Sicer pa ljubim rdeče črno kombinacijo, sem bolj te vrste človek. :yes: Tale komplet kolekcija pa me je pustila čisto hladno.

  5. Black and white combo? Only when I’m feeling strict. :biggrin:
    I too got the black eyeshadow. I wonder how it compares to Flormar matte black eyeshadow.

  6. Wow I love black eyeshadows!! :thumb: They look superb…unfortunately I’m not having any super pigmented black or white shadows now :angry:
    Thanks for sharing! Wish this was in my country too . :cry:

  7. For me the black and white combination is BLEH!!
    Its boring.
    I do LOVe the lashes! Probably the only things Im gonna get from this collection.

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