Illamasqua’s Christmas present

Illamasqua surprised us with a Christmas present!!! Here’s what we got …

Swatch: Illamasqua: medium pencil Severe
Illamasqua: medium pencil Severe

We got a medium pencil. The shade is Severe. It’s a nice deep wine red color. I just got the pencil yesterday and didn’t have the time to play with it yet. I’ll definitely try to incorporate it in an make up look and I’ll try it as an lip pencil. The possibilities are endless.

Thank you Illamasqua! Merry Christmas!

While writing this post, I discovered something I’m not too happy about. The thing is … My Santa Clause placed a big Illamasqua order two days ago. Among other things, he ordered three lip products. And what do I see today while browsing the Illamasqua site? The lip products are now 20% off. Aaaah!!! I’m so angry right now. But who can predict such things, right? This things happen. You gain some and you loose some. That’s life.

6 thoughts on “Illamasqua’s Christmas present”

  1. Oh no… 20% off that you missed! That’s a shame… if it were me, I would end up buying more just to avail the offer, hahahaha
    That was really nice from Illamasqua!

  2. Oooooo, kako božanski odtenek! *sigh* Lepo od Illamasque! Glede popusta te čisto razumem, mene tudi zmeraj grize, če kaj takega ugotovim, že v navadni trgovini, če kupim kak izdelek ki je potem čez nekaj dni znižan. Ampak ja, tako to gre, ne moreš predvideti njihovih akcij. Illamasqua te zagotovo ne bo razočarala, tako da je bolje, če se veseliš darila. :yes:


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