New Essence image plate!

A few days ago I discovered a new (to me) Essence image plate. I don’t know how long it’s been available now, but it’s for sure new to me. It’s included in the Stampy Set. It seams that Essence changed the content of the Stampy Set. The old set contained a round image plate and the new image plate is shaped the same (square) as the image plates sold separately. Here’s the proof …

Essence - Stampy set
Essence – Stampy set

Do you like it?

14 thoughts on “New Essence image plate!”

  1. I held one of those in my hands and I was ready to bring it home, wrapp it and offer it to myself… it is actually cheap! But then I thought what was the point in spending money on something I don’t like? So I bought 2 nail polishes instead :D but those stamps look pretty good to me ;)

  2. I’ve seen those last time I went to the stores but didn’t feel like buying. I like the full nail designs better. Plus, I think the 6th design is from the old plates. The 8th is cute, though! :)

  3. I got it like a month ago and just thought I hadn’t seen it before (quite possible seen the state of despair of the Essence stand in my town).
    I was extra lucky ’cause mine had two plates by mistake, so I kept one and gifted the set to a friend ;)


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