The Holidays are approaching with the speed of light. It’s already December. And you know what that means? It’s time for some sparkly in festive manicures.

I’ll start with a holographic golden-black combination.

Festive manicure: Magnetic - Hologram Goldime with Konad - IP m79 + Sprinklets Holo Gold

Products that I’ve used to create the manicure:

  • Essence Nail Art – base coat
  • Magnetic – Hologram Goldmine (3 coats)
  • Magnetic – Quick Dry Top Coat
  • Konad IP m79 with Essence – Stamp Me! black
  • Magnetic Sprinklets – Holo Gold
  • Essence Nail Art – top coat

I hope you liked it. Until the end of the year I’ll try to show you more manicures for the Holiday Season. Are you interested?


  1. Seveda! :yes: Zlata sicer ni moja barva, ampak grem stavit, da imaš kaj v načrtu, kar si bom spet zaželela ustvariti tudi sama, tako kot tisti “vrtnični” konad, s katerim si me skorajda prepričala, da si grem nabavit konad set. Mene! Konad set! Zase! Madoniš! :wink:   :shock:


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