Artdeco launched quite a few new shades lately and some of them will be also available in Slovenia.

I made collage from thirteen shades from Ceramic Nail Lacquer line that will be available in our country. New polishes are: Mauve Azalea (58), Pink Daylily (60), Soft Milkweed (62), Gentle Peony (64), Breezy Rose (66), Mellow Macadamia (72), Faded Flower (74), Milky Russet (90), Brown Praline (92), Walnut Wood (96), Powder Ash (106), Blue Grey (108), Froggy Grey (110).
I guess I don’t have to point out my favorites.

Artdeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer new shades for fall 2010

Did you already check out this shades in the stores or are other colors available in your country? Which one is your favorite?

*photos the collage is made of are cutesy of Artdeco.

EDIT: I added names of the polishes.

This post is also available in SLO.


  1. Lovely collection. I am not sure what new colours we will have here as they randomly restock. But I like the same shades as you, judging from the picture. I’ll keep an eye for them and hope they appear.

    • I’m keeping fingers crossed that we find  these beauties. Until then I’ll console myself with 49 Maestra brought me from Germany. :biggrin:

  2. Po številkah ne vem so mi pa najbolj všeč:
    Nebulous Taupe, Froggie Grey, Smokey Quartz in Navy Blue :wub:
    Grem danes pogledat če jih že imajo :nails:

      • V Mullerju v Supenovi sem zasledila št. 108 (Blue Grey) in 110 (Froggy Grey)…je pa res da na druge niti nisem bila pozorna :) definitivno pa še nimajo Smokey Quartz in Navy Blue :nails:

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