In case you weren’t aware, Catrice doesn’t offer only pretty nail polishes but also some great eyeshadows. ;) I went a bit nuts when I saw these in Germany and bought ten. My excuse was: “They aren’t very expensive.” They were 2,79€.

Catrice - Absolute Eye Colour
Catrice – Absolute Eye Colour

I like the packaging very much. It’s simple and elegant. There’s 32 shades to choose from. Some eyeshadows are shimmery and some matte. I think none of them is glittery, which is nice. That being said, here are the swatches of my eyeshadows. All were applied over an eyeshadow base. (The color drops are directly from the single eyeshadow photos I made separately.)

Swatches: Catrice - Absolute Eye Colour

  • Sunny, I Love You – shimmery light yellow
  • Dalai Drama – shimmery orange
  • – shimmery orange-coral or lobster as the name suggests
  • Pink Rock Super Star -almost matte pink (red undertones)
  • The Violent Violet – shimmery purple
  • The Queen Is Amused – shimmery blue with a bit of purple undertones
  • Petrol Keeps Me Running – shimmery petrol/teal (the green is dominant)
  • Ocean’s 14 – matte teal (the blue is dominant)
  • Who Is Kermit? – matte grass green
  • In The Army Now – matte army green

The pigmentation in average is good. Some are more and some less pigmented, but all are pigmented enough for me. Petrol Keeps Me Running is the most pigmented of them all, I was a bit disappointed by Sunny, I Love You, because I wanted it to be more vibrant yellow, but it’s not. It’s light and very wearable yellow. And I love the names.

I think these are worth buying/trying.

Have you tried them already? What do you think of them? Which one is your favourite?

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  1. Wow, the swatches are really good! I’d love to see an eye make up with the greens and the teal. *plz* To be honest, since I have my 13th Sleek palette I’m not keen to buy more colourful shades. Some are too similiar and I don’t want to collect them without using them. So, I also bought The Noble Knights and I have to admit that it’s the most interesting colour of the eyeshadow collection. It’s a duochrome (yay!) and it looks lovely. I haven’t had such a colour yet. *shame*

  2. O, res hvala za te swatche! Njihov Smokey Eyes set me je zelo razočaral, tako da sem že obupala nad njihovimi senčkami, tele barve pa so me prepričale, da si jih lahko privoščim. Hočem celo levo stran! Super so videti. :yes:

    • A res? A potem se moram izogibati smokey setu? Hvala za info!
      Ta senčila so meni res kul. Z leve strani so praktično vsa zelo dobro pigmentirana. Na desni strani je kakšen, ki je malenkost manj.

      • Moj (Smog Over Hong Kong) me je precej razočaral. Naročila sem ga preko kolegice, videla sem ga na Lacquerized promo postu in je deloval temno vijoličen ( V resnici je v paleti najtemnejša najbližje umazano temno modri, srednji je rahlo temnejši odtenek rožnate, svetel pa je umazano sivo-bel z zgolj namigom vijoličkaste. Eyeliner je bolj moder kot vijoličen. S čopiči se niti ne gre truditi, ker barva ni vidna, šele s priloženo gobico sem si lahko naredila MU, vendar so senčke tako slabo pigmentirane, da je vse skupaj zame izpadlo preslabo vidno in ali svetlikajoče rahlo rožnato ali pa umazano temno modro. Če te bo še kar mikalo preizkusiti, čisto tako, da boš na lastnih očeh preizkusila, ti lahko brez problema pošljem. Nakupa pa res ne priporočam, vsaj tega odtenka ne.

        • Najlepša hvala za razlago! Ti kar verjamem na besedo in bi bilo čisto škoda dinčkov za poštnino. ;) Raje gredo cekinčki na kupček za kak lep lak. :biggrin:

  3. Petrol keeps me running is amazing!
    I have only one Catrice eyeshadow from the Glamourama limited edition, Mirror, mirror… and I love it!

  4. wow so many pigmented super nice colour. no wonder u bought all of them . they are simply stunning. i would want all of them too.

  5. I have Gilbert’s Grapefruit and it’s such a beautyful colour, not only for the Eyelid. It’s a shimmery rose/peach metallic, really hard to describe. I like the new packaging, too.

  6. I see those eyeshadow everytime I go to the drugstore and still I haven’t bought a single one of them! But this needs to be changed :D There are so beautiful colors and the quality is said to be very good, so next time, I hope I remember to buy one or two :D

  7. I haven’t tried them yet but I’ll surely will. I’ll first find a new apartment though. There’s no room here anymore!!

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