Pin-Up Nails by Maestra
Illamasqua - Throb + Konad IP m59 and IP m79

I was inspired by Illamasqua‘s newest collection called Throb. I’m not sure, what inspired me in particular. Maybe it was that beautiful promo photo or maybe the colors themselves. Whatever it was, I always like to experiment with make up and this was the first time I’ve tried to do a pin-up look. I can’t even tell you how much fun I had while applying make up. At some point it was a bit scary, because I looked like a corpse. And then in the next moment it was funny, because I looked like a clowness. :D At some point I was convinced that I’m going to fail big time! In the end I think I didn’t fail completely, but I could have done much much better. Here’s my pin-up look …

Pin-Up Look by Maestra
Pin-Up Look by Maestra

The main actors (besides me :D ) were Illamasqua‘s Throb nail polish, Sangers lipstick and Precision Ink – Abyss and some fake eyelashes. I also used a bunch of other stuff but I really can’t remember anymore what else did I use.

But that’s not all. Today it has crossed my mind, that it would be also funny to do pin-up nails. I used white special polish and Konad IP m59 and IP m79.

So, how did I do? Do you like it or not?

Pin-Up Nails by Maestra
Illamasqua – Throb + Konad IP m59 and IP m79



  1. OMG, I did expect such a great response! Thank you ladies!!! :rose:
    Resnično nisem pričakovala takšnega super odziva. Wau … Najlepša hvala vsem za krasne komentarje!!! :rose:

  2. Mene si čisto prepričala, da si skočila ven iz pinup koledarja :)) pomojem ti je look (in noohti-waaaw) odlično uspel!
    Obožujem pinup :)) čisto vsaki paše in ji doda malo glamurja :) :wub:

  3. waw maestra tole je pa vse skupaj noro hudo!! in ugotavljam da imaš obraz na katerega nalhko narediš karkoli, pa ti bo zelo pristajalo! :thumb:

  4. Wow, you look absolutely fabulous! This look is a cross between glamorously sexy but cute and funny at the same time! Your smile makes every picture light up, you’re so beautiful!

  5. Za-kon! :stars: Meni je blaaaaazno všeč, tak look se trudim ustvariti vsakič ko grem zvečer ven, pa zmeraj bolj na gothic potegne. Ali vsaj wannabe gothic. Eh. :/ Zelo zelo ti pristoji, meni je blazno všeč! No, rdeče črna kombinacija, kaj pa gre lahko tu narobe. :wub:

  6. uaaaaaau!!! Super maestrski pin-up! od frizurce, nohtkov, makeup pa je itak kot vedno – perfekten! Pin-up dekleta so pa meni osebno najbolj glamourozna in ženstvena. Pin-up torej zmaga!


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