Zoya Casey swatch

I have to show you something really pretty today. What do you think of Zoya: Casey?

Zoya: Casey, sun

While I was going through my Zoya collection, I realized I never wore Casey. Since I felt kind of bad about it, so I decided to wear it right away.

Zoya_Casey_swatchApplication itself was not problematic, but unfortunately it is quite sheer. After two layers you can still see streaks in the sunshine. Two layers:

Zoya_Casey_Two_CoatsIt looks OK in the shade, but sun reveals uneven application.

After third layer color looks perfect. What kind of color is it? Brown. And a little vine red and a little bit purple. Actually I bought is as purple polish and it does look purple in the bottle. In daylight it looks fantastic, almost black. I can safely say this is one of my favorite vampy shades.

Do you like it?


  1. Pretty! Unfortunate that it’s so sheer however. I have noticed sometimes Zoya’s can be that way, Elodie is similar. Takes several coats to build up and hide streaks. But a pretty color!

    Thanks for following my blog!

  2. Res lep odtenek. to zimo so moji nohti večinoma v takšnih odtenkih. od temno vijolične, črne črne, temno vinsko rdeče… in tega Casey-ja se kar ne morem nagledati…

  3. Lep, vendar me moti da je še po 2 nanosih malo prosojen, jaz pri takih lakih potem nikakor ne morem nanesti ne da bi izpadlo lisasto. Malo me spominja na Essie Wicked?


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