Parokeets blog: 2nd birthday giveaway – CONCLUSION

Winner of our 2nd birthday giveaway is finally known. We apologize for the long wait. We were working as fast as we could but it still took few days to sort all the entries.

This time computer picked out number 137. Let’s take a look at who’s hiding behind it …

Congratulation Martje!

Parokeets blog: 2nd birthday giveaway winner

This tweet really payed off. :D It brought you everything you see on the below photo:

Parokeets 2nd birthday giveaway - photo of the prize

Enjoy in the fantastic prize donated by our sponsors: Nati, Čarodejka, Nail Spa, Studio Maya, Sweetscents, Za piko na i and Ličila. Once again we would like to thank our sponsors for their generous contribution.

Thank you all for entering our birthday giveaway. We’re already slowly collecting things for next larger giveaway, but will hold couple smaller ones in the mean while.

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