We already wrote about gorgeous Nfu-Oh Hologram no. 66 but somehow we skipped showing you swatch on nails.

I got this beauty from our Mamy as a gift. This is polish with strong holographic effect in greenish color. I always use Nfu-Oh Aqua Base when dealing with this kind of polishes so application was not difficult. If you do not have the appropriate base coat the application can be a real nightmare.

Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 swatch by Parokeets
Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 (2 layers)

Unfortunately I applied this polish late at night so I do not have “sun photo” for you. But I did manage to photograph the bottle in the sunny weather.

Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 bottle
Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 (bottle)

What is you verdict – must have or not?

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  1. It WOULD be a must-have for me, but I’ve been trying to get a Nfu-Oh holo polish since February and they’re always sold out, grrr.

  2. super je! jedan od ljepših holoa! ali kad bi ga još malo matirala, barem malo dio nikta! da vidimo kakav je i u toj situaciji! :-)

  3. Lak je prekrasan uistinu :D
    The nail polish is amazing

    Have a visit to my blog won’t you ! :undecided: :pic:

    Posjeti moj blog :scared:

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