Nfu-Oh Hologram 66

We already wrote about gorgeous Nfu-Oh Hologram no. 66 but somehow we skipped showing you swatch on nails.

I got this beauty from our Mamy as a gift. This is polish with strong holographic effect in greenish color. I always use Nfu-Oh Aqua Base when dealing with this kind of polishes so application was not difficult. If you do not have the appropriate base coat the application can be a real nightmare.

Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 swatch by Parokeets
Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 (2 layers)

Unfortunately I applied this polish late at night so I do not have “sun photo” for you. But I did manage to photograph the bottle in the sunny weather.

Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 bottle
Nfu-Oh Hologram 66 (bottle)

What is you verdict – must have or not?

34 thoughts on “Nfu-Oh Hologram 66”

  1. It WOULD be a must-have for me, but I’ve been trying to get a Nfu-Oh holo polish since February and they’re always sold out, grrr.


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