Maestra in New York City - USA 2011 (Pigeon in Central Park ZOO)
A pigeon in Central Park ZOO

I have four additional photographs of my New York City trip. In my previous post I forgot to add a photo of a nice view we had from our hotel room. It was funny because the view during the night was fantastic and during the day was … well … sort of industrial. :D I’m really not complaining, because it was nice to have a clear view. Better to have a view like that than to have a “view” of another skyscraper, right? What do you think?

Maestra in New York City - USA 2011
Foggy view of Downtown
Maestra in New York City - USA 2011
View of Downtown
Maestra in New York City - USA 2011
Night view of Downtown

And a bonus photo of a beautiful Victoria Crowned Pigeon in Central Park ZOO. I’m not going to talk about that ZOO, because I have mixed feelings about it. Let’s just admire the beautiful creature that mother nature created. I wish the pigeons in Slovenia were as beautiful as this one is.

Maestra in New York City - USA 2011 (Pigeon in Central Park ZOO)
Victoria Crowned Pigeon in Central Park ZOO

I hope I don’t bore you with these photos. If I am, please let me know in the comments.


  1. I love that bird, it’s beautiful! I just wanna touch his little beak.

    To see that view from my window every morning I think would make me sad. It’s quite pretty, but for some reason evokes a sadness in me. :ermm:

  2. O, lepo bitjece!! Sem mislila, ko sem prebrala naslov, da si slikala čisto navadnega goloba in mi ni bilo jasno, zakaj. :biggrin: Razgled je bil ponoči čudovit! Saj vem, da nas samo dražiš in podaljšuješ čas do kozmetičnih postov. :naughty: :wink: Hec hec, jaz zelo uživam v teh vaših ne-kozmetičnih prispevkih, od rožic Mamy pa vse do prispevkov s počitnic in potovanj! :yes:

    • Hehehe… če se le da, ne počnem običajnih reči. :biggrin: Naslov pa je že tako predolgi, da bi še dodala, da gre za kraljevskega goloba. :biggrin: Je pa res pravi lepotec. A si predstavljaš, da bi imeli v Sloveniji tako lepe golobe? Čeprav je revček tudi v Novi Gvineji menda že ogrožena vrsta. :(

    • :haha: Well, I don’t hate them, they are just very common. And there aren’t as many pigeons as they were in the past. I hope they will not get completely exterminated (or what is the right word for it).

    • According to Wikipedia it’s from New Guinea and it’s evaluated as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. :( A beautiful bird!

  3. Wow, I really like that view. Well, to be honest, it is not what I would like to see through my window every morning for the rest of the life, but in general I just love industrial landscapes. The first picture with fog is just perfect.

    That pigeon has very stylish haircut :)

    • The same with me. From time to time it’s nice to have a view like that (or be in such a big city as NYC is), but otherwise … I prefer smaller cities and my home. :wub:
      Oh yes, that’s a very stylish pigeon. :biggrin:


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