Manhattan Naughty Nails LE

This week Manhattan Naughty Nails LE is coming to our stores.

Whole limited edition is dedicated to nails and consists of 5 color polishes, base&top coat in one and glitter top coat:

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE

You probably already guessed which one is my favorite polish from Naughty Nails collection … Manhattan 78V of course. :D
First layer is watery, but second covers up the visible nail line. This is medium light slightly muted blue. 2 layers + top coat.

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 78V swatch by Parokeets
Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 78V

Manhattan 81T caught my eye on the promo material so I was looking forward to trying it out. Light green polishes always walk on the thin line with me – either I love them or hate them. 81T had yellowish undertone and looks quite playful and elegant on me. Application was very similar to those of 78V – second layer gives full coverage.

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 81T swatch by Parokeets
Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 81T

Manhattan 61V stands out from Naughty Nails collection. While other shades are lively and pastel like, this one is brownish-grayish purple. This is the kind of color I use when I want clean look that doesn’t stand out too much.  2 coats + top coat.

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 61V swatch by Parokeets
Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 61V

Last two shades apply little bit patchy, so I can’t say the formula is my favorite.

Manhattan 31L comes in nice peachy coral shade that actually looks good on me. I used 2 thicker layers + top coat.

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 31L swatch by Parokeets
Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 31L

Manhattan 51T is light pink … the color I’m not crazy about but a lot of you swear by it.  :D This is the only polish from Naughty Nails LE that I didn’t wear as full manicure.

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 51T swatch my Parokeets
Manhattan Naughty Nails LE 51T

Manhattan Pro Shine Glitter top coat consists mostly from silver shimmer – possibly smaller glitter, but it doesn’t leave scratchy surface and is not so difficult to remove so I would say this is shimmer. I applied it over other polishes from Naughty Nails LE:

Manhattan Naughty Nails LE + Pro Shine Glitter swatch by Parokeets
Manhattan Naughty Nails LE + Pro Shine Glitter: 51T, 31L, 81T, 78V, 61V

I personally like the combo with peachy and blues polish the best. The most visible effect would be if I layered it over darker shades … I’ll have to try out other combos.

I need more time to test Manhattan Pro Shine Base & Top Coat out. My first impression is that this is not one of those super fast drying top coats, but not one of those super slow either. It does give nice shine though.

Manhattan started to name polishes in their newest LE Hands Up!. Now they just have to add names on the bottles and I’ll be in 7th heaven. I simply can not remember the combo of numbers and letters … in short – I’m never really sure which polish are we talking about. :D

So, are you favorite colors similar as mine or …?

*Products were sent to me for review.


  1. Barve me niso pretirano navdušile. Moder mi je padel v oko, morda se za tega odločim (bom videla ko bom stala pred stojalom :wink: ), rjavkast je preveč podoben ostalim na to vižo, ki jih imam doma. Sicer so mi ti doma zelo všeč, ampak malo morje jih pa ne rabim, ker jih povečini nosim samo takrat, ko rabim/sem pri volji za bolj umirjen odtenek, kar pa ni ravno pogosto. :) Me pa zeeelo zanima tale Pro Shine Glitter! Verjetno si ga privoščim. :yes: Super prispevek!

    • :rose:
      Moder je definitivno moj favorit. Gliterček bi pa znal priti prav tudi čez Hands Up! kolekcijo, ki je bolj živih barv … a so vsi odtenki s krem finišem. :biggrin:

  2. Vsi so mi všeč :zip: ampak zelenko ne gre k moji polti tako da on odpade, pri ostalih bom pa prvo preverila da nimam že kakšnega podobnega doma…

    • Če imaš hladno polt, ti ga res ne priporočam. :( Jaz nima nobenega takega modrega … sem iskala kakšnega za primerjavo, vendar mi ni noben padel v oči.

    • Where are your from Alessia? Our Muller stores will possibly have it, while German and Austrian had this collection a while ago (month or two ago?).


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