Walk in the woods

By Mamy

I love to take a walk in the woods when fall temperatures are as high as they’re right now. Luckily I live only couple a minutes away so I can go hiking whenever I want to. Currently there is abundance of chestnuts but mushrooms are hard to find.

Join me on one of my recent visits to the woods.


Sun-rays have a hard time to reach ground in the woods, so the temperatures are fresh and shade is ever present.


Days are getting shorter and only 15min separates us from the sunset.


There is lots of chestnuts to be found but it’s dry as we didn’t have much rain lately.

Kostanj_ChestnutsYesterday sunset was magnificent, but I didn’t have my camera with me. Today I had my camera, but the sunset is nothing special.


I love peace nature brings me.


Now I have to hurry back if I don’t wish to walk back in complete darkness. Bye, bye my green corner. I’ll come back tomorrow.

While returning to the wally, song of our recently passed away folk musician Lojze Slak is playing in my mind.

Gozd_ForestHope you too will find your inner peace in the nature.

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8 thoughts on “Walk in the woods”

  1. Oo, Mamy! Že (pre)dolgo te nisem brala, tvoji posti o naravi so vedno za mojo dušo. Z gozdom si pa sploh zadela v črno … prelepe fotke!! Res me pomirijo zdajle po temle hektičnem tednu. Čudovito, me je zamikal obiskat gozdek! :wub:

  2. Looks beautiful, I’ve got countryside only a couple of minutes from me too, it’s so pretty, (I’ve even done a new page on my blog deedicated to it – Natural Beauty!!) i’m such an outdoor girl at heart.


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