Project foundation: Introduction post by Maestra

Gejba already wrote her introduction post, where she explains her skin type, skin tone and her expectations when it comes to founations. I’ll do the same in this post.

Skin Type

My skin has changed a lot in the past couple of years. In puberty I used to have a lot of pimples. My skin was horrible and oily. That changed with time and my skin got better. I still get pimples and spots, but it’s manageable. Now my skin is combination to dry. My forehead gets oily on some days.

The surface of my skin is uneven from all the pimples. I have some scars and my pores are large.

In general my skin is normal and not sensitive. Some products clog my pores, but I haven’t discovered (yet) which ingredients are responsible for that.

Skin Tone

When it comes to undertone, I have strong yellow undertone, but my face is a bit tricky as it has some redness. My face is more red than the rest of my body. And because of the redness my face looks peachy. If I flush, I don’t get nice red cheeks. No no no … I get red all over my face. :S

Another thing I’d like to mention is that I have uneven skin tone on my face because of spots and pimples.

For reference.

  • In the winter MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 is too dark for me in the winter, but it’s nice when I get a bit of color.
  • MAC’s Face and Body in C2 is a bit too dark whem I’m very pale. When i get a bit tanned it’s a perfect match.
  • Bourjois – Healthy Mix Serum in shade 52 is OK in the winter, but it’s not perfect, because it’s not yellow enough.
  • Bourjois – Flower Perfection in shade 52 is not yellow enough for me. I look death with this shade on and I definitely need blush to get it work for me.
  • Catrice – Photo Finish in shade 010 Sand Beige is the closest match to my skin tone in the winter. It’s still a bit too ashy for me, but is very close.


What do I look in a foundation?

  • healthy and glowy skin (not oily): I prefer foundation that do not dry my skin and give a subtle glow.
  • good (not full) coverage: Because of my uneven skin tone on my face, I need good coverage foundation. I usually use medium coverage foundations that can be build up.
  • good staying power: Because my skin is not oily, I usually don’t have problems with foundations and their staying power, but some do disappear on me quickly.
  • invisible on the skin: I haven’t discovered a foundation that would be invisible on the skin and at the same time it would have good coverage, but some look better than the others.
  • easy to apply: I apply foundations with brushes, but still … some need more attention to get them to look nicely on the skin that the others.


I always apply foundation with a buffing or a stippling brush. For the purpose of the reviews I’ll try different application techniques. I’ll apply foundation with buffing brush, stippling brush, foundation brush, sponge and fingers.
I wrote a long post / review on foundation brushes and my favourite ones. If you are interested, you can find the post HERE.

I think now evrything is ready for the acctual foundation reviews. Are you ready?

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  1. I also have strong yellow undertone in my skin, and the closest match I can find is mineral foundation from Lumiere in Light or Medium Golden. The funny part is that it matches my skin tone perfectly but people ask me about my yellow skin tone. :undecided: When I use other foundations, I can see obvious difference between my face and my chest color but people think it’s ok.


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