Nfu-Oh Neon Nail Polish: 214, 230, 231 and 244

By Mamy

Seeing all the lovely cheerful colors all around me, reminded me that I still haven’t published my Nfu-Oh Neon Series nail polish swatches. I bought them couple of years ago with bunch of other Nfu-Oh nail polishes in Tallinn.


Nfu Oh Neon Series
Nfu-Oh Neon Series nail polishes: 214, 230, 231, 244

I love Nfu-Oh bottles and polishes hiding inside them. Neon series is just the thing for summer manicures. The only thing that bothered me was the white sediment at the bottom of the bottle. But it goes away after you shake the nail polish.

I don’t have anything special to report about these polishes. All of the them were applied in two coats. Only exception is lilac 214 shade which needed 3 coats.

Neon effect is not as heavy duty as in China Glaze, Color Club … but they’re still pretty, right?

Nfu-Oh Neon Series No.214:

Nfu-Oh Neon nail polish 214

Nfu-Oh Neon Series No.230:

Nfu-Oh Neon nail polish 230

Nfu_Oh Neon Series No.231:

Nfu-Oh Neon nail polish 231

Nfu_Oh Neon Series No.244:

Nfu-Oh Neon nail polish 244

While I was preparing my Nfu-Oh shopping list at the time, I wanted to have all of them … now I almost don’t use them. I’m not sure why is that. But as I’m looking at the swatches, I’m tempted to use them. Hope you like them.

Enjoy in the summer colors!

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14 thoughts on “Nfu-Oh Neon Nail Polish: 214, 230, 231 and 244”

  1. Letos prvič poskusim z neončki, tistimi od China Glaze. Bomo videli, če mi bodo všeč na nohtih. :) Je pa vedno zelo lepo videti nekaj Nfu Ohjev v vrsti. :wink:

  2. I love everything exept the green one, not that it’s not pretty, it’s just too green for me :) I like that the neon effect is not that much, they look really chic


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