Review and swatches: Essence Snow White trend edition

Aaahhhh – my darling Maestra found full Essence Snow White trend edition stand so I have ALL Snow White nail polishes! I was scared that Snow White would be left without one of her dwarfs … or prince charming or evil queen … :D

Essence Snow White trend edition nail polishes

I wanted this trend edition because of the theme, after all Snow White is one of the rare fairy tales where main character is not blond. But in the end I was pleasantly surprised by quite a few of the shades. Let’s start with my favorites.

Essence Snow White is one of those reds that you immediately identify as something special. This is first red nail polish after Illamasqua Throb that I can say it was crush at first sight. It’s more to the cool side, but for some reason becomes slightly warmer in strong light. Formula was great, possibly one-coater if you don’t mind visible nail line … which is slightly seen even after second coat.

Essence Snow White nail polish
Essence Snow White (swatch)

My second love is Essence Grumpy. What can I tell you except it’s perfect electric blue shade with good formula. As this belongs into category of slightly thicker and highly pigmented nail polishes, you can use only one coat for full coverage … if you’re careful that is. 2 coats + top coat.

Essence Snow White TE - Grumpy nail polish
Essence Snow White TE – Grumpy nail polish (swatch)

Pair Grumpy with Essence Prince Charming and you get drop dead gorgeous combo of electric blue base with 2 coats of blue and holographic glitter.

Essence Snow White TE Prince Charming topper nail polish
Essence Snow White TE Prince Charming topper nail polish (swatch)

Essence Sleepy doesn’t look really sleepy to me, more like great spring/summer base. Color is on of those tricky shades that look more greenish one moment as bluish the next. Essence added as fine as dust shimmer, but it doesn’t really translate onto the nails. 2 coats.

Essence Snow White TE - Sleepy nail polish
Essence Snow White TE – Sleepy nail polish (swatch)

Essence Dopey is another almost pastel like shade and this one is also “moody” – it can be more purple or blue. Formula was sheer, so I used 2 thicker layers + top coat.

Essence Snow White TE Dopey nail polish
Essence Snow White TE Dopey nail polish (swatch)

Essence Bashful is another Snow White TE polishes with identity crisis. :D Only this time it’s how green is the base. Sometimes it looks like somebody put grayed out layer over it and sometimes it look a lot more rich green. Shimmer is lovely – I just with those tiny tiny flakes were larger.

Essence Snow White TE Bashful nail polish
Essence Snow White TE Bashful nail polish (swatch)

I found all toppers to be slightly problematic … with Prince Charming being the best one. I think it’s the clear base they used to suspend glitter in + lots of huge chunks of glitter. I had hard time placing the glitter onto the nails as majority got stuck on the brush. I had to pat the glitter on and then arrange it by toothpick.

Essence The Huntsman topper is not special to me because of it’s gold hexagons. What cough my eye were strange glitter particles that looked like plastic duochromes(?). I wish Essence would shred those paricles in smaller pieces and mad topper just with those beauties. 2 coats over Snow White.

Essence Snow White TE - The Huntsman topper nail polish
Essence Snow White TE -Snow White + The Huntsman topper nail polish (swatch)

Essence Evil Queen was my least favorite topper. I simply did not like anything about it – glitter was too big, application not easy … 2 coats over Dopey.

Essence Snow White TE - Evil Queen topper nail polish
Essence Snow White TE – Dopey + Evil Queen topper nail polish (swatch)

Essence Doc is nice orange shade. Not too orange and not too overpowering. I quite liked it. Thick and pigmented formula allows for one coat for full coverage. 2 coats + top coat.

Essence Snow White TE - Doc nail polish
Essence Snow White TE – Doc nail polish (swatch)

Essence Sneezy and Happy did not make it to my honor roll – I didn’t like either one. Happy leans to much to ocher side and Sneezy is not my kind of brown.

Essence Snow White TE - Happy nail polish
Essence Snow White TE – Happy nail polish (swatch)
Essence Snow White TE - Sneezy nail polish
Essence Snow White TE – Sneezy nail polish (swatch)


  • 1,69 EUR for 5ml (0.16 fl.oz.) bottle
  • 2,19 EUR for 10ml (0.33 fl.oz.) Special Effect topper
  • Snow White – 1,89 EUR

Video review:

Which one is your favorite from Essence Snow White trend edition … and does anybody actually like last two nail polishes?


93 thoughts on “Review and swatches: Essence Snow White trend edition”

  1. I like all of them…ok, the Essence Evil Queen is a little bit strange….but I like it too, less than the other but like :)

  2. Looove the blue of grumpy – perhaps a more attainable alternative to RBL’s IKB 2012?! And I don’t think happy is tooo bad but I prefer yellower yellows…they seems happier to me! I wouldn’t wear sneezy but I’m not very into browns anyway…

    Lovely swatches, thank you!

  3. Praktično vsi palčki so mi všeč, ampak itak vsi vemo, katera najlepša v deželi je tej :crown: .

  4. jaz sem si privoščila rumenega, oranžnega in zelenega :) najbolj sem pa bila excited za Dopey ampak sem potem videla, da so kar vidne bleščice in ga zato pustila v trgovini :)

  5. Zelo lepa kolekcija :wub:
    Jaz sem dobila princa in lovca in sem ful vesela z obema :thumb: glitter ftw ;)
    No in kljub temu, da princa imam, sem vseeno poskušala srečo z nagradno igro xD

  6. I love this collection!!!! And I love all Essence products generally!!
    Thanks for the chance!!!

  7. Hi! Great giveaway! I really like this collection, very unfortunate this collection doesn’t come to the Netherlands… Thanks for giving a few polishes away :)

  8. I’m waiting for this collection to arrive here, but I don’t think I’d buy all polishes (even if I love complete LE). for sure I’ll be trying to get Bashful (my fav) and Dopey ;-)

  9. I LOVE Sneezy!!! It’s my type of taupe brown and I think the glitter looks great! I’m not so keen on Happy though, because I have a couple of those ochre/mustard yellows already (to be ‘edgy’, not!!) and do not want any more!

  10. Meni se Snow White baš dopada. Mislim da devojka ne može imati previše crvenih lakova za nokte. A od ova dva koja se tebi nisu svidela – braon ne volim sem u obliku prave čokolade, a Happy mi je zanimljiv. Šteta što ova kolekcija neće stići u Srbiju :angry:

  11. I love this collection! Here in Italy it hasn’t come yet… :angry: I’m glad you don’t like the last 2, I really like Sneezy! :-)

  12. There’s a lot to like here–Dopey is my favorite, but if Essence sent this over here, I’d no doubt be zooming from store to store trying to collection them all. :)

  13. Meni je vseeno kakšni so odtenki, ko sem izvedela za tole LE, sem si takoj obljubila, da bom dobila vse, ni važno kako grdi so. :biggrin: :sigh: Drugače so mi pa favoriti Sleepy, Dopey in seveda Grumpy. :nails: Happy je red malo preveč senf-ast, Happy pa ni tako slab. :blush: Je pa ime malce sfaljeno. Rjava nikakor ni vesela barva. :biggrin:

  14. I found the full display as well and went a bit crazy :wink: . I passed on the glitter toppers because I had a sneaky suspition they won’t behave on the nails. They look amazing in the bottle though.
    I actually do like Happy, it’s my current mani, lol. All in all I think these have an amazing formula (all of the ones I got are one coaters) and I just love them.

  15. Such pretty colors!! No idea if this LE collection will come to Greece, so please count me in :rose:

  16. Grumpy and Prince Charming are amazing together! All in all I’m surprized by the collection, I thought it’d be just plain creme polishes. Dopey is cute :flirt:

  17. Grumpyyy!!! <3<3<3<3 Sem brala na nekih blogih, da naj ne bi bil blazno pigmentiran?? Happy to hear and see a second opinion! :happy:

  18. Sneezy se mi ne zdi tako slab :P Vsekakor, mislila sem da bo Dopey moj najljubši, vendar kombinacijo, ki nosim trenutno, Sleepy in Prince Charming, je res fantastična :)
    Vsekakor, zelo mi je všeč ta LE, bravo Essence.
    lp :D

  19. Jaz sem kar nekaj časa stala pred stojalom in se odločala… Potem sem vzela Prince charming, Grumpy, Doc in Happy. Zaenkrat sem preizkusila le Grumpy-ja in se mi zdi odličen. Se mi pa Happy (rumen) tudi zdi obetaven. :)

    Po tem, ko sem pogledala te tvoje slikice, pa bom danes skočila še po Sleepy, Dopey in Bashful… Če je sploh še kaj ostalo.

  20. Sprva sem se te kolekcije zelo veselila, potem pa me noben ni preveč prepričal. Ampak vseeno bosta Sneguljčica in Zaspanko odšla z mano, če ju le najdem kje :nails:

  21. kot vedno lepi swatchi! l.e. je ful lušna – sicer zadnja dva laka ne bi nikoli dala na nohte :whistle: ostali so pa ful lepi. Upam,da bo sreča na moji strani,kar se giveawaya tiče :ahug:

  22. I love this collection! Usually I’m not that crazy about the Essence TE’s but this one is great. Wish I could get these here. I have a friend who can get Essence for me but I’m not sure if she’ll find them. Would love to win the blue ones as they are definitely my favorites. Great giveaway!


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