Project foundation: Catrice BB Allround foundation

I’m starting my Catrice/Essence marathon with review of Catrice BB Allround foundation. This BB foundation is be available in 4 shades – mine is Light Beige no. 010 … the lightest.

Catrice BB Allround Foundation - Light Beige (no. 010) with ingredients
Catrice BB Allround Foundation – Light Beige (no. 010)

Manufacturers description

The 6in1 BB Allround Foundation by CATRICE provides a flawless complexion. The effect: balancing as it moisturises and reduces shine at the same time. Correcting as it visibly minimalizes pores. Protecting thanks to the integrated UV filters.
Illuminating with light-reflecting pigments for a radiant complexion. Covering for smooth-looking skin and pampering thanks to the moisturising almond oil. Ideal for dry and sensitive skin, but also for normal skin-types. With a sun protection factor of 30 as well as medium coverage …


It looks almost matte after I apply foundation, but I quickly start to shine (not greasy, but still too much).


I would classify this product more as light foundation, with up to medium coverage if you layer it or apply it thicker than I usually do.


Thicker formula with slight grittiness to it. Not heavily or unpleasantly scented – but it does have sweet smell to it.


I had the best results when I applied this BB foundation with my fingers over moisturized face, but not over the primer (my pores looked huge if I used silicone primer under it). It seems that warmth from the fingers melts the gritty parts and everything goes on smoothly. Dense brushes were OK, but not as good as fingers.


Plastic tube with narrow opening.


~ 6 EUR for 30ml (1 fl.oz.).


I liked the fact that this foundation is more beige than yellow. Those kind of colors seem to work best on my neutral-yellow undertone. I applied twice the amount of foundation for the swatch, so the color stands out. But at the same time it looks darker, as I apply it on my face with much lighter hand.
I know it still looks too yellow(?), but this is the best I could do without making my skin look like something alien.

Catrice BB Allround Foundation Light Beige (no. 010) - swatch
Catrice BB Allround Foundation Light Beige (no. 010) – swatch

Interested in seeing Catrice BB Allround foundation slapped on the face? No problem. :D Please overlook the sloppy application and concentrate more on the coverage …
These are more or less just cropped photos to show you as realistic result as possible.

Catrice BB Allround Foundation Light Beige (no. 010) - before, after
Catrice BB Allround Foundation Light Beige (no. 010) – before, after


Staying power is average. If I used pressed or fixing powder over it, it extended staying power for at least couple of hours if not more. I prefer using this BB foundation as light coverage – to even out skin tone and hide smaller imperfections, with little bit of Catrice Camouflage cream for covering blemishes … Plus was also that all of my pressed/fixing powders worked well for light dusting to extend staying power over BB foundation.

It could be lighter, but it blends in with my skin tone if I don’t use too much of a product. Quick application without enhancing my flaky skin and fresh looking skin won me over. I’m not sure if this will be good for dry skin as it has drying feel to it right after you apply it.

Would I recommend it?

Yes – at least to try out testers in store. It won’t be appropriate for very fair ladies, but it is something worth checking if you’re looking for light coverage foundation to hide smaller imperfections. I also liked the fact that it’s good enough at covering my red skin patches – but it is still winter time, so I’ll wait until summer to see if this BB can handle true redness.
For me – this is quick everyday foundation which doesn’t look to obvious on my skin.

Have you already tried out Catrice BB Allround foundation? Would you even like to?

*I received item for review from Catrice Slovenija

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