S-he 008 flakie nail polish swatch
S-he 008 flakie nail polish swatch

I would really like to tell you that S-he Stylezone 008 nail polish looks as good on nails as it does in the bottle, but sadly that is not the case.

S-he 008 flakie nail polish
S-he 008 flakie nail polish

Just look at the bottle and all those gorgeous duo-chrome flakies. Simply to drool for. Then I started to apply (I used Catrice Shopping Day At Bluemingdales as a base) first layer and only one flakie transfered onto the nail. Not to mention that formula is really weird, not even sticky but still feels like glue. Okay – so I patted the flakies onto the nail. Not a smart move as base formula is just too thick and I should have went for tweezers instead of applying them with brush.
I got this uneven mess, so I unwisely added another coat to even it little bit. Can you say bubbly bubbles manicure? Of course I made things even worse by adding another layer of top coat but I wanted to make swatch as this is probably the last time I’ll use this nail polish and as it didn’t want to dry …

In any case – it actually looks better in photograph than in reality.


I wanted to like this polish but I just can’t. And I had such high hopes of getting all of the new S-he flakies. On the other hand – if you like bubbles, this could be ideal manicure for you.

Price: 2,50 EUR for 10ml.

What was your experience with S-he flakie nail polishes?


  1. Apply with a sponge, the way you would to do a gradient. Then you get all the flaky goodness without the goopy bad formula getting in the way.

  2. flejkiji krasno izgledaju, mjehurici :nono: steta, mozda je i do temperature, nadam se da ce se zimi bolje ponasat, ako nasi budu bolji (tj uopce dodju) javim :D

  3. Enaka zgodba pri meni. Res je bilo razočaranje, je pa verjetno prozorna baza malce pregosta in zato nastanejo mehurčki. Jaz bom poskusila s thinnerjem, da vidim, če bo kaj boljše ali ne.

    • Sem spregledala post ali še čaka na objavo? Imam samo FB chat v spominu. :blush:
      Jaz se ogibam redčenja flakijev in holo lakov, vendar pa realno gledano tukaj nimam kaj izgubiti, tako da bom mogoče še kaj eksperimentirala. :silly:

    • I’m kind of still hoping somebody will tell me that only we got bad batch and other countries have wonderful + cheap flakie nail polishes. :biggrin:


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