Favorite hair products of Summer 2013

My hair is long reaching the mid of my back, dyed (ombre), wavy with dry ends. My scalp is sensitive and if I use a harsh shampoo I get itchy scalp with something that looks like dandruff. All that means that I cannot just use whatever products and my scalp and hair need special attention.

Here are my favorite products of the Summer 2013.

Favorite hair products- Summer 2013

I am still on a hunt for a perfect shampoo, there are some that I like, but none of them is my holy grail. At the moment I am using the Alverde Coffein Shampoo, which is a good shampoo. Nothing special, it gets the job done and it  doesn’t irritate my scalp too much. It is very affordable. Like it.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner for damaged hair. OMG it smells divine! The scent reminds me of chewing gums (Bazooka). And it is very good to my  hair. It leaves them very soft. Love it! I leave it work its magic on my hair for at least 3 minutes before washing it out. The consistency is gel like and not very thick like I’m used to from my other hair masques. The packaging is nice and easy to use at home, but is not practical for traveling. If it gets squeezed, the product runs out automatically. (Just yesterday I bought backups. I still have to try the 3 Minute Miracle Colour and the 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long).

Favorite hair products- Summer 2013: Aussie

Aussie Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner for long hair that’s pining for protection (de-tangle & de-stress). Another nicely scented product. It is a de-tangler and a product that is supposed to protect the hair from the heat of the blow drier. I use it on the towel dry hair and also on dry hair just to give them some extra care if needed during the week. I like the product, I don’t think it is awesome, but it smells nice and does give a bit extra to my hair.

Gliss Kur Oil Nutritive Haarspitzenfluid is a product I’ve been using for years (for at least 12 years). They have changed the ingredients and the name over the years, but I stayed faithful to it anyway. It is a light cream with silicones and some nice oils in it. It doesn’t make my hair greasy and it doesn’t weigh them down. You can use it on towel dry or dry hair. I love this product and I’ve repurchased it over and over again!

TRESemme Heat Defence styling spray. Since everyone (and their moms and dads and dogs) have been raving about this product I just had to buy it while I was in Scotland. I didn’t think I would actually love it since none of the heat protecting styling products impressed me so far. I still don’t know if I actually love this one. It is a good product that is for sure. The mist is fine and the scent is nice, but I am just not sure if it really gets the job done. I mean, how can I actually know if a product helps to protect my hair from the heat of the blow drier or curling iron or … I know that my hair is very sensitive to heat and I get split ends very quickly if I process my hair with heat too much or too often. So I am rather walking around with healthier hair and a messy hair look, than to over-process my hair with heat. That is just my philosophy. So … I like the TRESemme Heat Defence, because it smells nice and the mist is fine and I think it might work, but I don’t know if I love it, since I just can’t be sure if it really works. I would repurchase it though if I would get the chance (TRESemme products are not sold where I live).

Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly is a gel or jelly that you put on towel dried hair and scrunch them so you get some texture to the hair. My hair is slightly wavy and this jelly creates soft, bouncy curls. The curls are not crunchy at all. They almost look like beach waves. Sometimes I use a diffuser (special attachment for the blow drier) to get more defined curls and get more volume. The scent is nice and masculine.

Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Natural Curls Styling Spray is a spray for reviving your curls. I love this spray! It just works! I spray it on dry hair and scrunch the hair to create more volume and give my hair the texture (back) and after the spray is dry my hair look wavy and refreshed. The scent is similar to the Flirty Curls product. I like it.

I bought both Umberto Gianinni products in Scotland (in Boots). I don’t know if the brand is sold anywhere else. I really fear the day when I’ll use up the products since I don’t know if I’ll be able to buy them again. I bought these products on a whim. I’ve never heard of the brand, never read a single review of the products. Nothing. I just needed something to style my hair while I was in Scotland, so I bought travel size bottles. I liked the products so much that I went back and bought full size bottles.

Tangle Teezer Compact Styler is a very useful hair brush to carry in the purse or in the beach bag. Otherwise Tangle Teezers are not my favorite hair brushes, since they are just not effective enough to detangle my hair completely, so I am usually left with some knots and it is not easy to hold the brush firmly in the hand, so I usually drop it at least once while combing my hair. But the Compact Styler is just very practical and I am not regretting buying it.

I would like to mention one last thing. It is not a specific product, it is oils. I love to use oils on my hair. I do not care particularly what kind of oil it is (olive, macadamia, argan, jojoba, avocado, …). If it is good for my body or face, it will not harm my hair. On the contrary it can only “help” them. That is my philosophy on hair oils.

I would love to know what are your favorite hair care products!

And if you maybe know if the Umberto Gianinni products are sold outside the UK, please share with me where I can get them. Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “Favorite hair products of Summer 2013”

  1. Excellent post :D Will do one myself since there were so many products that I used this summer :D
    I was looking at Aussie Luscious Long Leave-In Conditioner… might try it myself since I do love their hair shampoos and conditioners and I was very pleased with them :w00t:

  2. I used the Reconstructor during my vacation and I really liked it! :) Check out iHerb for shampoos, I have sensitive scalp as well and really oily roots and I’ve been buying different sulfate free shampoos from that website. With sulfate free shampoos I don’t have itchy, flaky scalp anymore :)

  3. Umberto Giannini izdelka se slišita zelo privlačno. :w00t:
    Jaz sem trenutno samo na Prolab šamponu proti izpadanju las. Ni energije za kaj drugega. :silly:

    • Opisana izdelka sem kupila na Škotskem, backupe pa sem kupila na Hrvaškem, kjer jih prodajajo v DMjih, kjer pa balzama v spreju nisem našla. Menda se Aussie dobi tudi v AUT.


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