Sponge nail polish removers (comparison)

My fellow nail polish lovers from USA are raving for years now about plastic insert removers. But as they’re obviously not sold in my country, I tried out next best thing – sponge nail polish removers. Over the period of almost half a year I bought 5 of them, but somehow managed to lose/misplace Bourjois one. So I tested the 4 four that didn’t pull disappearing act on me.
All of them are aceton-free.

Sponge nail polish removers comparison products

EBELIN Professional nail polish remover

EBELIN is dm drug-store brand with affordable prices and nail polish removers that I usually like. So their sponge nail remover was the first one that I bough. I already repurchased it and I’ll have to slowly buy new one again. Why do I like it – it has the shortest packaging so I can push my fingers farther into the sponge where majority of the nail polish remover is + their remover is one of the stronger ones. That means that I can even remove glitter this way instead of using foil method.

Price: 1,95 EUR for 75ml

AVEO Professional nail polish remover

AVEO is Müller store brand which also belongs in drug-store price range. I looks like they used weaker nail polish remover than Ebelin, as I don’t get the same results with their remover + as their packaging is higher, I have hard time soaking the sponge inside to the lever I need.

Price: for 75ml

ESSENCE Sponge nail polish remover

ESSENCE has the same design as Aveo and Ebelin ones, and their remover is somewhere in between in strength. I had same sponge soaking issues + their sponge tends to come out of the packaging but more due to my technique that design flaw.

Price: for 75mlSponge (dip in) nail polish removers comparison

OMBIA Dip&Twist nail polish remover

If you look closely at the above photo, you will see that OMBIA (Hofer/Aldi house brand) changed the design of sponge (cross, no hole). Not much difference in the look, but it works best as sponge embraces nail more snugly and it is faster to remove nail polish. Additionally it seems like their sponge is from different material than others, gets easier soaked with nail polish remover so I don’t have to dip my finger as far down as with others. Smell is the most perfumy in this remover.

Downside: they only sell it for limited time and then it is gone.

UPDATE: sponge does not last as long as with others. It “crumbles” easily.
Price: 1,95 EUR for 75ml

My first question was – why would I even need this kind of nail polish remover?
After months of using them I see the biggest advantage in less fumes, no cotton pads/foil for glitter. But as these are not recommendable to those of us with dry cuticles (if you have damaged ones you should stay away from them), I limit my use of sponge nail polish removers for quick removing of “damaged manicure” on one finger without disturbing others, light shades which are really fast to remove and glitter nail polish as this is less hassle than foil and if I don’t have time …
But I apply Alessandro oil in roll-on on my cuticles to at least partially protect them. Wait for a bit and shake the remover in the meanwhile.

One thing I noticed was, that I had little bit poorer results when following instructions than “my” way. Here is quick video to show you which technique works best for me:

I’ll add prices when I find receipts I saved just for this purpose. Hopefully little one didn’t turn them to dust.

What do you think? Are there kind of nail polish removers necessary in your routine? Any other brand I should try?

6 thoughts on “Sponge nail polish removers (comparison)”

  1. Hoferjeva sem tudi jaz vzela. Za druge pa sploh vedla nisem, da so :unsure: Če mi bo tale Hoferjev všeč, bom peizkusila še katerega od ostalih :wink: Super primerjava :wub:

  2. Morem pogledat če ima naš Hofer še kaj teh. Sem že kar nekaj časa nazaj preiskusila tega od Bourjois pa me je razočaral, ker mi je čisto izsušil obnohtno kožico (čeprav ponavadi nimam težav s tem), pa tudi po enem čiščenju bleščic je bil popolnoma uničen.

    • Ebelinovega sem največ uporabljala, tako da lahko za tega rečem, da se da lepo odstranit kar nekaj bleščičastih lakov, preden postanejo bleščice moteče.

      Ko najdem Bourjoisovega, ga bom dodala v primerjavo. ŠE vedno ne vem kam se je tako uspešno skril. :silly:


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