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In the world of phony YouTube, it is getting increasingly more difficult to find YouTubers I want to watch. I seriously can not stand childish games and annoying voices … which means 90% of channels are no go. :P

So – who do I follow. Today, I am concentrating on English speaking channels. Those that bring value to my life and I see as trustworthy .. as much as that is possible in a world of professional YouTube.

Samantha Ravndahl

I love Sam for her straight reviews and directness altogether. She speaks to me on a level not many do. I am not a fan of cussing and she definitely does that (a lot), but I guess I lately bonded more to her because we share similar views about beauty community.

Jessica Braun | JAMbeauty89

Jessica won my respect with combining things her viewers want to hear with extra leg work. She will find us dupes, but instead of just applying high end on one side of her face and drugstore on the other, she adds reports throughout the day and shows us the real difference. Lots of times high end will earn price tag because of the staying power, not the look right after the application. So I really appreciate her extra input.
Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is a teacher and has a small child, so I have more points of connection with her.


Lisa Eldridge

Lisa is my staple for years. I rest my ears listening to her calm voice and eyes while watching true makeup expert at work. She is a pro and a lady, but with eccentric/artist touch that spikes everything up.


Jen Luvs Reviews

Jen is a lot like me, which I appreciate and hate at the same time. :D
Whenever I get annoyed that once again I made highly requested video/post, but nobody was really interested after I published it, I go and watch one of her looooong videos about facts only a few of us really care. :D
Another teacher on the list. :D


Stephanie Marie

For some reason, Stephanie gives off similar vibes to our Maestra. That drew me in into subscribing, but I stayed primarily because she has sensitive skin, redness issues and is over 40. It doesn’t hurt that she has a nice voice and clear and cut presentation.


Justine Leconte

I know, a shocker. I follow somebody fashion related. :P Justine is simply special. She is Lisa Eldrige … only in fashion and is French. :D
I don’t like having too much clothing items, am not a fan of fast fashion, but have problems combing things. It is not simple to get what you want in XXL size, so I am looking for experts who can broaden my horizons on what can be done. And clean, simple French chic style is something that I like.

Do you have a channel recomendation that is absolutely a must to check out?

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  1. Tudi jaz zelo rada spremljam Samantho, Justine in Liso. :) Drugače po so mi v redu tudi Karima McKimmie, Mariah Leonard in Mariam A.


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