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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Essence – 50’s Fever continues

Essence - 50's Fever - Love Me Tender

HERE I recently wrote about Essence Trend Edition called 50’s Fever. Finally I managed to get the remaining items I wanted from this collection. So today I have pictures of two polishes and a blush to show to you. First up is the creme milky shade called be-pop-a-lula. Like most such shades this one also applied a little streaky. With ...

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Coastal Scents – gel liners part 1

Coastal Scents - 24K gel liner

A few months ago, I spotted gel liners at Coastal Scents on-line store. I fell in love at beautiful colors and wanted to try them as base for mineral eyeshadows, since I don’t use liners much. They can be split into 2 groups – those with shimmer and those that are matte. The first part will be devoted to the ...

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NYX Girls – Purple Dream

NYX Girls - Purple Dream

I’m noticing that I’m almost out of my “vampy” phase. I feel like the spring is waking slowly in me. Although I have to wait a bit for real spring to come, I can at least have some spring at my tips When I first saw the bottle of Purple Dream, my first thought was: “sheer”. So you can imagine ...

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Essence – 50’s Fever

Essence - 50's Fever - Rockabilly

Finally it’s out. I already wrote about the new Essence collection 50’s Fever. Today I only have one nail polish for you and a quick review for the blush brush. Rockabilly is dark cream burgundy shade, which applied flawless. I needed only two coats to get the color of the bottle. It’s an “almost black” shade. In really good lightning ...

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Revlon – Autumn Berry

Revlon - Autumn Berry

Last week I went shopping with Maestra. You guessed it – I bought couple of nail polishes. One of them is Revlon – Autumn Berry. It is beautiful reddish-violet based polish with green, red and gold shimmer. I needed two coast to achieve even coverage. Bad news was, that I had tip wear (as you can see it on my ...

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Sweetscents: Christmas 2008 collection – part 3


Third part of Sweetscents series will be about Metallics trio, three beautiful brown shades. First and lightest brown is Metallic Pearl with its light brown base. When you apply it dry (no base) it almost melts with skin (on very fair skin). Only thing visible is shimmer with mainly gold flecks. But when you foil eyeshadow it turns into brown-bronzed ...

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Revlon – Purple Petal

Revlon - Purple Petal

I’m so excited about this shade that I can’t find the right words to describe it. Although I am not a huge fan of cream polishes, this is one of the most beautiful pink shades in my collection. It is a wonderful fuchsia color, which is suitable both for the spring as well the summer. Like all the Revlon polishes ...

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