Chez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plates

Couple weeks ago unsu mentioned on one of the Slovenian forums, that she wrote to Chez-Delaney on-line store if they would be willing to send their image plates internationally. They said yes and created section for international buyers. :w00t:

As soon as I opened their site, I started to salivate over their large plates. For quite some time now, I’ve been thinking of buying couple of plates with all-over nail images, so I just had to buy couple of them. I ordered 5 large image plates: H 7, H 21, H 23, H 28 and P 32.

Chez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plates

I was impressed with fast delivery. Order went through on the 8th, left the France on the 9th and landed in my lap on the 14th of September.

Let me show you my new beauties.


Chez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plate H07

I chose H 07 because of two of its images:

- bubbles, which is Nati’s fault; :silly:

- trees, I can just see will brighten my winter konadicures.

I got few of the other ideas I will be showing you in the near future. :angel:


Chez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plate H21

Interestingly his plate came without the engraved number. I bought it for the following images: 2 for all-over stamping and because of the cute feet and paws. Don’t you just love those little feet? Squirrel looks nice too.


Chez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plate H23

The only thing that sold me this plate are the 2 all-over images. I was not overly impressed with other images.


CChez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plate H28

Why did I pick this one? I don’t have a clue. :blush: I blame the euphoria over all-over images.


Chez-Delaney Stamping Nail Art Image plate P32

But I do know why this one landed in my shopping cart. I’m not big fan of French manicures, but every once in a while, I would like to try out some crazy combination, but didn’t have the right image for it.

Price for one large image plate is 3,90 EUR (5,7 $), shipping for up to 6 image plates costs 3,25 EUR (4,7 $).
I ordered the set of 5 large image plates (you pick them out), which costs 14 EUR (20,5 $), so the final cost was 17,25 EUR (25 $).

Which one do you like the best?

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  1. hola donde puedo comprar chez delaney me urge comprar

    Hi where i can buy chez delaney urges meto buy

  2. oh wow, I like some of thes ebteter than the Konad ones – how’s the quality?

  3. :think: You chose some interesting plates. I can’t wait till you start stamping! My favorite plate is H23. I like the images on the H28 also. You’ll have to play around with them. I’m not a big fan of French manicures. I guess I got sick see those blinding white square tips. I swear that’s all you see on most of the celebrities. I do like the Funky French tips. Some people do some nice French tips that aren’t so long and claw like. When there done nicely they really are very neat and pretty.

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