Monthly Archives: March 2010

Nfu Oh 282

One of my favorite nail polishes – thanks Nihrida Beautiful purple colour. It needs 3 coats to get real colour. On the top of all is Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Sorry, my pictures and nails aren’t so perfect… But  did my best

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Manhattan Crazy Colours LE 76

I found interesting polish that look very promising in the bottle, but unfortunately it turned out to be nothing special. Manhattan Crazy Colours Limited Edition 76. Polish has blue base, but violet shimmer is the one that gives this shade its violet color. Application was great, polish is very pigmented. I used two layers. Konadicure with Stargazer 234 + H17 ...

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Review: Skin MD Natural – Shielding lotion

Skin MD

This time Goga and I tested Skin MD Natural – Shielding lotion which can be used for face, body or hands. Manufacturer claims that lotion promptly absorbs, transforming the outer layer of skin into a hydrating invisible shield … hence the name Shielding lotion. After I quickly went over the ingredients, I saw that they could be telling the truth. ...

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Holo Coraline konadicure

Today, I have a really special konadicure for you, dear reader. Actually, I made this konadicure specially for Cheska and Thriszha. Because it was sunny today, I wanted to have a manicure that comes to life in the sun. What would be better than a holographic polish? I chose  Color Club – Wild At Heart, which is a dark purple ...

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Golden Rose blush Terracotta stardust

It’s me again, after a long long time. Here’s something from me and it’s not my nails, because mine aren’t so beautiful as from other Parokeets girls Last year on my summer vacation I bought this blush from Golden Rose. The packaging is similar to MAC’s MSF – I wrote about it here. The price is about 8€ and I ...

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Illamasqua camouflage nails

I’ve got this idea in my head since the day I bought Illamasqua – Hectic polish. OK, it’s not that long ago, but anyway. I immediately though of camouflage nails, when I saw Hectic. I mean, I have tons of polishes and all kinds of colors but nothing like Hectic. First look at it … Although I thought Hectic would ...

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