Inglot Nail Polishes: 641, 646, 709 and 723

I think it is safe to say that Inglot offers wide variety of nail polishes.

Ingot (Zagreb): nail polish stand by Parokeets

They’re divided in two groups: regular ones and improved O2M version.

Inglot: Matte collection; O2M nail polish swatch

Inglot: Matte collection; O2M nail polish

Inglot_641_646_709_723, bottles

Inglot_641_646_709_723, bottles

Inglot O2M #641 is frosty violet shade. The only downside are visible brush strokes, but as it is seen only on macro shoots it doesn’t bother me that much. I used 2 layers, no top coat.

Inglot: 641 nail enamel (O2M) swatch

Inglot: 646 nail enamel (O2M)

Inglot O2M #646 is dark blue shade with shimmer. 2 coats.

Inglot: 646 nail enamel (O2M) swatch

Inglot: 646 nail enamel (O2M)

Inglot Nail Enamel #709 is another violet shade, very pigmented, applies nicely. 2 coats, matte finish.


Inglot: 709 nail enamel (matte)

Konad upgrade:


Inglot 709 + Stargazer 234 + Konad S6 + Essence Top Coat Matt

Inglot Nail Enamel #723 is gorgeous orange shade. ” coats, matte finish.

Inglot: 723 nail enamel (matte) Swatch

Inglot: 723 nail enamel (matte)

O2M polishes are suppose to have longer staying power, but I didn’t notice it. In a little bit higher and narrower bottle you get 11ml/0,37 US FL OZ . I paid 78,30HRK around 10,50€ for a bottle in Croatia.

In comparison regular bottle has 15ml/0,51US FL OZ of polish and costs 61,20HRK around 8,20€. And considering you have more colors to choose from + if you get matte one you get two in one – just add regular top coat and you get a shiny version.

If you’re polish lover, I recommend you visit Inglot store … it’s like visiting paradise. :happy:

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  1. Zadnji je prav udarne barve, idealen za poletje. Jaz nimam nobenega njihovega laka, me še nobeden ni prepričal, da bi ga morala imeti :biggrin:

  2. I agree…. I feel like a kid on a candy store when I’m in Inglot!!

  3. Presenetljivo mi je najbolj všeč #723 – vendar mislim da je eden tistih, ki ne bi šel lepo na moj ten kože…

  4. 709 je predivan! baš po mojoj mjeri!
    na prvom mi se čine tragovi kista a to ne volim.

  5. The blue is my favourite!

  6. Awwwww lovely colors, but I especially like the second and the third! So pretty!! :wub:

  7. Here in Poland (Inglot is a polish company), regular polishes cost 5 euros and the O2M polishes cost 7 euros. It would be OK but the quality got worse and the price went up. The regular line used to cost 2.5 euros and it was not that long ago. It would really be alright because obviously everything is getting more expensive but the quality instead of staying the same or getting better – got worse. Seriously. I use Inglot polishes since like 10 years ago and they really did not get as better as you would expect. They have a wide range of colours, their eye shadows and other products are great – I like the company, it’s polish, it is not as expensive as others and it’s OK. But their polishes – not so amazing. The price is ridiculous compared to the quality. At least here in Poland.

  8. O2M #646 reminds me a lot of another polish… if I knew which one (maybe opi yoga-ta to get this blue? or something similar? :hmm:

  9. love the purple tones :D

  10. oh wow! i didn’t know inglot sold nail polishes! definitely lots to choose from, and so pretty! :)

  11. I love that violet shade, so very pretty!

  12. Mat lakci. :wub: Jaz bi imela kar vse + vse krpice. :biggrin:

  13. 709 izgleda odlično! :) Još, još! :D

  14. Wow! I really love 709 and 723! But Inglot sure has a lot of colours to choose from ^^

  15. trop beaux… on a envie de tout acheter!!!!

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