Mix of the day: FOTD, OOTD and “what’s in the shopping bag?”

While I was walking home I’ve had a vision of today’s post. (I have visions like that all the time. :whistle: ) It started as one picture, two, three … word here and there … Although I already had an idea of today’s post, I though this new one was better. Most of all it was different and that’s why I liked it. Here it is. Mix of today. A little bit of everything and nothing important at the same time. :silly:

Face Of The Day

It all started with today’s make up. Because I read something about Sleek’s Oh So Special somewhere on the net this morning, I thought I’d give it another try. I’m not particularly fond if this palette. It’s nice, but not awesome. The matte eyeshadows are patchy and a bit difficult to blend and the peachy shades don’t suit me well. I created a dark natural look. On my lips there’s Beauty UK – Passion lipstick.

Make up: Sleek - Oh So Special, Beauty UK - Passion

Sleek - Oh So Special, Beauty UK - Passion

Outfit Of The Day

Next was my outfit. It’s finally colder here, so I could finally wear my new green blazer by Zara. You probably won’t like my choice of shoes, but that’s just who I am. I like to mix things up. I’m also wearing denim skinny jeans by Zara.

OOTD 2011 08 29: Zara Blazer

OOTD 2011 08 29: Zara Blazer

What’s in the shopping bag?

I stopped at Muller drugstore and bought some beauty related stuff. Cotton pads, Q-tips, woman’s stuff, tooth paste, mouth wash, Miss Sporty nail polish, Essence crackle polish and Circus Confetti polish, Artdeco eye pencils.

Maestra's Muller haul

Maestra's Muller haul

Maestra's Muller haul

Maestra's Muller haul

I admit I bought the Libresse thin towels mainly (and probably only) because of the cute box. I included some propositions, what you could store in this cute box.

Libresse box

Libresse box

On my way home. Actually right in front of my home this little guy said hello …

Lizard ...
Bad photo, I know. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me, only the cell phone’s camera, which isn’t good.

That’s my mix of the day. I hope you liked it.

What’s your mix of the day? (What was your day like? :wink: )

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  1. great mix :D ponovi ga večkrat :happy:
    p.s. tisti čevlji ga razturajo zraven :cool:
    hmm..moj dan? prej sem precej padla z rolerji torej me precej boli rit :shock: :haha: drugače sem pa sonček :party:
    čim več takih the best postov! :wub:

  2. res super post, upam na čimveč takšnih :D
    najbolj všeč mi je pa blazer <3
    mojo pozornost so pa pritegnili tudi nohti (pravzaprav noht no) s prve slikice in me res zanima kateri lakec imaš to <3 izgleda prečudovit :wub: anchek’s last post …Bourjois #19My Profile

  3. You look soo great <3 ! Sleek is in my 1st place in wishlist!! I want it! :)

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