Refan perfumes

I’m not sure if you are familiar with Refan perfumes. Refan stores (we have several in Slovenia) are known for their copies of designer or high end perfumes. They store the perfumes in large containers in the store and they pour the perfume of your choice in the bottle of your choice (in front of you). They sell various refillable boring bottles. Nice concept. Someone once told me that they actually have the original recipes of the high end perfumes they are selling. I don’t know if that’s true. I’m no expert, but to me most of their perfumes smell exactly like the originals do. And they last surprisingly long on me as well. And you can imagine that they are way cheaper than the originals and the bottles are way uglier than the bottles of the original perfumes.

As I mentioned above the bottles are really really really boring and ugly and nothing special. On the bottle there’s only a round gold sticker with the number (not name) of the perfume and you receive the list of perfumes, where you can see which number is which perfume etc. During the past few years I managed to assemble a few bottles and they all look the same, so I can’t even tell which bottle is which perfume anymore. So I thought I’d pimp them up a bit and I’d give names to the bottles. Here’s what I came up with.

Refan Fragrances - list of perfumes

Refan Fragrances - list of perfumes

Refan Fragrances - list of perfumes

Refan Fragrances

Note: The bottles come with just one round gold sticker either on the bottom or on the lid of the bottle. The white sticker on the lid with the name and the transparent sticker on the bottle (glass) were added by me.

Nothing special. I didn’t want to invest a lot of time into fancy designs etc. But it’s good enough for me.

Here’s the full list of perfumes available. The prices are also in the photo below.

Refan Fragrances - list of perfumes

You’d ask why do I buy Refan perfumes. Well … The bottles are very simple and not heavy, that’s why I think the 15ml bottles are perfect for travelling and to carry them in the purse all the time. That’s the main reason I love them. Of course at home I love to look at the luxurious designer bottles. I have reasonable amount of original bottles of perfumes and I love them all. Another reason why do I like the Refan perfumes is, this way I can really try a perfume and see if I like it enough to buy expensive original in a beautiful bottle. Or I buy a perfume that is not entirely my thing but it’s still nice for special occasions etc. but I wouldn’t use it enough to use it up. Do you know what I mean?

After pimping up my bottles and thinking of Christmas and Christmas gifts etc. I though this might be a good idea for people on a budget. We live in hard times right now with the bad economy and stuff, so this perfumes are maybe a good idea. It’s the thought that counts not the value of the gift! And you can personalize the bottles. You can paint something nice on them or you can put fancy stickers on the bottles or maybe even rhinestones. You have endless possibilities, just use your imagination!

Have you ever tried the Refan perfumes? Or maybe some other brand of perfumes of this type? What do you think of them?
How do you like the idea of personalized bottles of perfumes as a gift?

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  1. The problem with those parfumes is that they are NOT same as the original…so I will skip.

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