Awww – Essence teamed up with Disney for the June trend edition and called it Snow White. And on top of it, it’s one of “nail” editions. :happy:

Mirror, mirror on the wall… these words conjure-up wonderful fantasies of enchanted forests, a prince and the greatest love of all… but what was the story behind that famous line again? In collaboration with Disney, the seven dwarfs will not only charm us with their rosy red cheeks and a cheerful song on their lips in June 2012, they’ll be delighting true fairytale fashionistas with the new essence trend edition “snow white” for bright, colorful nail trends! A snow white look and fairytale glam for your nails – the hype of the summer!

I love the idea of one leading nail polish (Snow White – 1,89 EUR) and accompanying 7 dwarfs (1,69 EUR). Now – I don’t like 2 dwarfs, but it wouldn’t be fair to single them out or leave them in the store. :biggrin: The only thing I’m missing is some kind on detail on the bottle – maybe dwarf photos?

Essence Snow White TE - nail polishes
Essence Snow White TE - nail polishes (01 snow white, 02 grumpy, 03 doc, 04 happy, 05 sneezy, 06 sleepy, 07 bashful, 08 dopey)

Essence also included 3 special effect toppers (2,19 EUR) … called: Evil Queen, The Huntsman, Prince Charming. :silly:

Essence Snow White TE - nail polish toppers
Essence Snow White TE - nail polish toppers (evil queen, prince charming, the huntsman)

The last 2 items are nail file (1,49 EUR) and cute stickers (1,49 EUR).

Essence Snow White TE - nail stickers, file
Essence Snow White TE - nail stickers (heigh-ho, heigh-ho), file

And the best part? All of our stores will carry this TE so I’ll actually get to shop peacefully. :biggrin:

Your thoughts about this collaboration?

* promo photos courtesy of Essence

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  1. oooo, ful lusna kolekcija :crown: . upam, da bom neusmiljena in ne bom odnesla dmov vseh sedem palckov samo zato, da si bojo delali druzbo (ker iskreno povedano, tudi meni niso vse vsecni). pohvale essensu za dobro idejo :thumb:

  2. Dokler nisem prebrala, da je en lakec večji od ostalih, ostalih sedem pa predstavlja palčke, mi ni bil noben všeč. Zdaj jih pa hočem vse. Tako srčkana ideja!! Ah. Saj me bo minilo dokler to ne pride na police. ;) Barve mi namreč niso nič posebnega, vsaj na promo fotkah ne. Morda presenetijo v živo. Topperji so druga pesem, prav vsi trije s o mi všeč. Nalepkice so mi pa všeč zarad jabučkov, metuljev in tratice. :) Kaj pa vem … verjetno bo na koncu nekaj padlo v košaro, kot zmeraj, če najdem kolekcijo. :whistle:

  3. Tole je pa res dobra ideja in upam da bodo še kdaj poustvarili pravljico na takšen način
    Uglavnem, komaj čakam da pride na police in imam že nekaj odtenkov ogledanih :wub:

  4. My thoughts about this is that I need this one to come to Holland!!! Snow White is my second all time favorite Disney movie so of course I need all of these (: I don’t like all the polish colours either but this is a collection that needs to be together in my stash <3

  5. I really love the purple & blue glitter polishes and the nail file is cute too. Other than that I’m really not that excited for this collection.. The colours look a bit boring to me, I fell like I have seen them all before.. The bottles also look kind of plain to me. How cute would it have been to actually have a “photo” of the dwarf it’s named after on the bottle? or at least something more.. I just feel like there’s somthing missing now.

    (But maybe I fall in love with it once I see the actual bottles & swatches? I do really love the idea of a snowwhite collection)

    • just found out it isn’t comming to my country..
      sometimes i really hate living in the netherlands! we always mis the good collections :(
      (i did really want those glitters..)

  6. I love the collection but I’m not sure it will reach our stores (sooner or later I’ll take the car and do a polish-trip to Slovenia :yes: ). I agree with you, I don’t like all dwarfs but it will be hard to let a couple of them alone in the display! Toppers seem great (especially Evil queen)!

  7. Awesome!
    I wonder when/if this collection is going to be in Poland ;) and it’ll probably be only a few of those :(

  8. rekao bi covjek da bi u ovakvoj kolekciji trebao bit dobar bijeli lak, al ocito cemo prezivjet bez toga. osnovne boje mi nisu nista specijalno ali veselim se glitterima :nails:

  9. My thought is… I want it all. I should of stayed in Switzerland as it looks like I’ll be missing out on this. :zip:

  10. Hočem vse! S tole kolekcijo pa so pri Essence res zadeli. :yes: Še dobro, da bo po vseh drogerijah, da bom zagotovo ujela vse lakce. :wub: Sicer pa, kdo bi se branil kolekcije, ki predstavlja eno najlepših pravljic, kar jih je. :whistle:


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