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Maestra’s summer vacation – day 5

Maestra's summer vacation - Pag 2010 - manicure and pedicure

Wow, we have day 5 already. It was another lazy day at the beach. Wrapped in my favourite sarong which I bought in the Dominican Republic. Look, Maestra can swim!!! The NOTD was … … and in combination with pedicure … We took some pictures of a wonderful beetle that landed on our balcony … Did you see those wonderful ...

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Maestra’s summer vacation – day 4

Maestra's summer vacation: Pag 2010 - day 4

Yesterday was a really relaxing day. We didn’t do anything fancy … just lying on the beach … That’s why I don’t have a lot for you today. Just a picture of me pretending to be interested in … well, something. And a few pictures of my pedicure and manicure. Pedicure was American Apparel – Poppy, which is really bright ...

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Maestra’s summer vacation – day 2

Maestra's summer vacation - day 2

That’s how Maestra looks like when she’s going to the beach. Maestra’s must haves for the beach: Nike cap, sunglasses, large towel, deckchair and a bag full of more must haves … … a good book (right now Terry Prattchet – Light Fantastic), different sunscreens, lip gloss with SPF protection, iPod (mine is really old), good headphones (I like Sennheiser). ...

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POTD: China Glaze – Emerald Sparkle

Pedicure: China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle. Manicure: Jessica - Viva La Lime Lights + KonadPedicure: China Glaze - Emerald Sparkle. Manicure: Jessica - Viva La Lime Lights + Konad

You’ve already seen my gladiator shoes. I wrote then and I will again: I love them and wear them a lot. They are really comfortable. And because I love them so much, you’re going to see them again in combination with green sparkly pedicure and a konadicure a showed you yesterday. What’s your pedicure and manicure today?

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