Last time I wrote about Rimmel lipsticks, I just could not understand, how come I have only three.

Today I wanted to write review for Maybelline WaterShine Elixir glosses, but for the life of it, I could not find my favorite red shade. And you guessed it – I found missing Rimmel lipsticks. I assume I’ll find Maybelline gloss next time, while I’ll be searching for something else.

I found: 110 Shout (Volume lipstick) and 031 Fudge Brownie (Lasting finish lipstick).

Rimmel - Shout, Fudge Brownie
Rimmel lipstick R: Shout; L: Fudge Brownie

Of two, I prefer Fudge Brownie – soft brown with reddish shimmer. Shout is true to its name – well not really, but for my taste it is. It’s red shade muted with brown undertones and it’s quite pigmented.

Everything that goes for previous Rimmel lipsticks I wote about is true for these two. They’re moisturizing, nourishing and have almost glossy finish.

Swatches in various lighting – Fudge Brownie is on the left and Shout on the right side.

Rimmel - Fudge Brownie, Shout

Rimmel - Fudge Brownie, Shout

Rimmel - Fudge Brownie, Shout

Rimmel - Fudge Brownie, Shout

Rimmel - Fudge Brownie, Shout

It’s quite possible I’ll find more of these.


  1. :biggrin: I don’t have any Rimmel products.  I must get some of their lipsticks.  I hope they have these two shades.  They are really pretty. I love a glossy finish on lipsticks.

  2. ja, Fudge je res čudovita! Rdeče šminke pa meni nekako ne potegnejp…morš bit res ko iz škatlice zrihtan, da ti paše


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