HOT for Summer: Essie Neons 2009

OMG, these shades just glow! Remember to wear sunglasses!

Punchy Pink is a wonderful neon pink shade. It leans a bit towards coral.

Flirty Fuchsia is also a neon pink. But this one leans towards fuchsia.

Punchy Pink and Flirty Fuchsia are really simillar, but far from being dupes.

Funky Limelight is eye-burning shade. It’s unbelievably hot! It glows!

The application on these wasn’t the best but it also wasn’t the worst. For the pinks I needed three coats and for the yellow one four and could still have added another one. I love them all and that’s why I forgive them the application issues.

What do you think? Do you like neon shades for summer or are they just too much?

8 thoughts on “HOT for Summer: Essie Neons 2009”

  1. :cool: They are some amazing colors.  I haven’t bought any of them yet.  I have them on my list of “wants”.  They all look good on you.  I like your nail length.

  2. To sem tudi jaz opazila. Najbrž je kriv kontrast, ali kaj… zanimivo, koliko vpliva imajo barve in naše dojemanje le-teh…

  3. Nati, rozita sta zelo podobna, a nista identična… sploh. Na fotografijah izgledata še bolj podobna, kot sta v resnici. Eden je bolj hladen, eden pa bolj topel odtenek. Tako, da je za vsakega nekaj.

    Vsekakor žarijo in niso za sramežljive duše. :cool:

  4. meni so pa čist too much…pa veste da imam rada barve, ampak tole pa res preveč žari. Poleg tega mi rozita izgledata skoraj identična


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