Summer nail polish shades

By Mamy

Coral nail polish Deborah Shine Tech no.27. It paralytically glowed on the shelf so I just had to buy it. First photo is more realistic color. 2 coats, lasted 2 days no problems with application.

Deborah Shine Tech št.27
Deborah Shine Tech no.27
Deborah Shine Tech št.27, na soncu
Deborah Shine Tech št.27, na soncu

After I removed no. 27, I replaced it with E.L.F. Coral (Maestra showd you this one in  Valentine’s manicure post).

I loved it at first sight, but application was not so lovely. I felt like I was trying to paint my nails with water colors. Maestra’s was fine, but mine sucked. :( 3 layers.

E.L.F. Coral
E.L.F. Coral


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