Essence – Ethno Couture Trend Edition and some ideas

Essence has again come up with a great limited edition called Ethno Couture. Today, I’ll show to you the two eyeliners and all four nail polishes.

I’ll start with the eyeliners Auroshika and Tanamera.

Essence - Ethno Couture Trend Edition - eyeliners -Tanamera and Auroshika

Essence - Ethno Couture Trend Edition - eyeliners -Tanamera and Auroshika

The colors are pretty but nothing spectacular.

Let’s move to the nail polishes.

From L to R: Tuvalu, Ayada, Shankar, Auroshika
From L to R: Tuvalu, Ayada, Shankar, Auroshika

Tuvalu is a great creme red that is highly pigmented. There is only one coat in the picture. No application problems.

Essence - Ethno Couture Trend Edition - Tuvalu

The headline promises some ideas. Let’s start with the first idea. To add something special to your manicure, you can stick some stickers to your nails and your manicure will immediately look a lot different.

Essence - Tuvalu + Pretty Woman Nail Art Stickers

Here I used the Pretty Woman 3D Nail Art Stickers, which are sold here in Slovenia for 1,99€.

Pratty Woman - 3D Nail Art Stickers

Ayada is a orange creme shade. There two coats in the picture.

Essence - Ethno Couture Trend Edition - Ayada

The next idea I got from Nihrida and her “Half-moon manicure”. I used the reinforcements for the paper a little bit different than she did.

Essence - Ayada + Tuvalu + nail art

Over Ayada I layered one coat of Tuvalu. This manicure was done just for you readers and in a hurry, so please excuse the sloppy job.

Shankar is the special one in this collection. It’s creme yellow that applied perfectly in just two coats.

Essence - Ethno Couture Trend Edition - Shankar

I layered one coat of Gosh – Rainbow over Shankar. The picture really doesn’t show the cool effect that Rainbow flakes made. For the Konad design I used an image from the m25 plate and the Tuvalu polish. Yes, Tuvalu works with Konad!

Gosh - Rainbow over Essence - Shankar + Tuvalu for Konad

And the last one is the dark creme plum shade called Auroshika. For this one you’ll probably need three coats to make it perfect. I used just two coats.

Essence - Ethno Couture Trend Edition - Auroshika

It’s a very pretty shade. Although it’s very dark, you can tell in almost any light that it’s purple. I added some dots to this one…

Essence - Auroshika + Manhattan Crazy Colours - 300

For the dots I used blue-purple metallic shade 300 from Manhattan.

What do you think? Which shade do you like the most? And how do you like my ideas?

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  1. Thanks to everyone!

    Viktoria, Gejba already answered your question a few lines above. :wink:  When/If she’ll receive an answer, she’ll let you know.

  2. What beautiful manicures! I love everyone of them. The orange polish is lovely with the design. I like how you used the reinforcements on each nail. The purple polish is gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful but i like it more last polish collection :wink:  those one are too “classic”…
    Instead i’m very curios to see the eyeshadow palette :w00t:
    Ciao ciao

  4. Maestra, kapo dol! Čudovit članek! :silly:
    Najbolj všeč pa so mi nalepke od PW! Pa manikura z nalepkami za zaščito luknjic… :wub:

  5. V Ljubljani sem jih jaz kupila v Mullerju na Čopovi. DMjih v centru pa jih v soboto res niso imeli. Bomo videli, ali bo DM sploh dobil tale TE. Držim pesti, da bo ;)

  6. Pri nas v DM-ju ni še nič. :angry:
    Sem pa vidla že preview za naslednjo LE, ki pride septembra. Spet bodo 4 lepi laki! :stars:

  7. Auroshika je čudovit lak! Enostavno čudovit in ravno po mojem okusu.  :wub: Všeč mi je tvoja inovativnost z nalepkicami. Super! :rose:


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