Today I had this strange craving to put on light colored polish. I picked out Golden Rose 246.

Golden Rose 246 + Avon Blue Flare
Golden Rose 246, Avon Blue Flare

Golden Rose 246 is light pink color with multicolored shimmer – silver if you’re in the shade.

Golden Rose 246

I applied two layers without top coat. It’s easy to apply, brush is OK and smell is not too bad.

Problem was I disliked the color itself – I’m just not pink kind of a gal. So I used Chez-Delaney plate H 21 (middle image) and Avon Blue Flare polish to make something more likable.

Meet the pink hedgehog.

Golden Rose 246 + Avon Blue Flare + Chez Delaney H21

I was impressed how easily I made this konadicure. Both polish and the plate caused me no problems so I finished in a record time. I put INM Out The Door top coat over the manicure.

I liked the effect – but I’ll use lighter color for “konad” next time. I kept trying to remove dirt from my nails.

Golden Rose 246 + Avon Blue Flare + Chez Delaney H21

Which manicure do you like best – with or without nail art?


  1. :think: The base shade is pretty but too light for me. I like the stamp, very cute! I haven’t used Avon polish in years. They do have some nice colors.


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