Franken – Not Concrete

I’ve frankened the perfect slate blue shade ever. It’s a mixture of some S-he polishes. I really don’t know, which ones I used. But the end result is a shade I was dreaming about. I named it Not Concrete.

Franken - Not A ConcreteIt has tiny shimmer, which is almost invisible. Two coats in the picture. No application issues. I love it!

With one coat of sheer polish with pink and blue shimmer from Claire’s, it looks like this.

Franken - Not A Concrete + Claire'sI added some Konad to Not Concrete, using Konad IP m63 and Avon – Blue Flare polish.

Franken - Not A Concrete + Konad IP m63 with Avon - Blue FlareI thought that it would look even cooler with matte top coat. I used Essie – Matte About You. I was right …

Franken - Not A Concrete + Konad IP m63 (with Avon - Blue Flare) + Essie - Matte About YouIt’s among my favourite konadicures made by myself. So cool. What do you think?

And another thing… Nihrida came up with a funny game. I’ll just say one thing: “It’s Not Concrete.”

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11 thoughts on “Franken – Not Concrete”

  1. love it..matted of not..!! does the franken color is blue-gray? waaaaaaaaaaa…. :silly:   or maybe its kinda close to ur winter Page background… :biggrin:

  2. Meni pa sam odtenek ni všeč, s konadom pa je :w00t:
    Zakaj si jo naročila? Zdaj ti je pa ne bom mogla več posoditi :blush: :shock:

  3. I love it! Both the franken and the konad. That particular design didn’t really speak to me but I really like what you did.


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